DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork - 50 Litre

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Delivers High Aeration Levels for Explosive Root Growth

Two global market leaders, DNA genetics and Mills of Amsterdam, have teamed up to bring you a unique coco medium of the highest order. This innovative venture combining the very best premium coco with natural gambit cork, gives organic-based and mineral-based growers a new opportunity to further promote health and vitality in their indoors gardens.

How DNA Mills Ultimate Coco Works

The coco mix is manufactured in Amsterdam from premium quality, 100% natural, raw ingredients and is infused with natural cork for unbeatable aeration and rapid root development. The combination of premium coco, natural cork, and top quality organic nutrients is the perfect recipe for the successful cultivation of plants, fruits and vegetables. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, DNA Mills Coco mix will maximise growth as well as enhancing the natural flavours of your plants.

DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with cork is made with a unique blend of both coco fibre and premium cork in a specific ratio so that it holds plenty of water but also allows for excellent aeration of your root zone, as we all know having a healthy rootzone or rhizosphere is crucial to a successful harvest. A great benefit of using coco-based products is that they naturally contain Trichoderma – a friendly strain of fungus that helps protect roots from root-rot.

But why use cork in a grow medium? Cork is proven to have outstanding aeration, so no need to add perlite or anything similar, it also helps with rapid development of the root system which is incredibly important. The healthier the root zone the better - healthy roots give heavier yields and even happier growers.

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  • Comprised of the highest-grade coco and cork - 100% raw, natural materials 
  • Ready for use either indoors or out (no pre-mixing required)
  • Higher aeration levels in your medium so no need for added perlite
  • Rapid root development and vitality
  • Combine with Mills nutrients to maximise growth, flavour and aroma of your plants
  • Supports and sustains the livelihoods of thousands of cork workers and various endangered species of animal life
  • All cork is harvested sustainably and in an environmentally secure way - using cork actually saves tress!

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