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G.A.S Enviro4 ControllerG.A.S Enviro4 Controller
G.A.S Enviro4 Controller
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G.A.S - EC5 Fan Speed ControllerG.A.S - EC5 Fan Speed Controller
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G.A.S. AC-EC ControllerG.A.S. AC-EC Controller
G.A.S. AC-EC Controller
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G.A.S EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed ControllerG.A.S EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller
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G.A.S - EC2 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller with BalancerG.A.S - EC2 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller with Balancer
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G.A.S EC Fan Speed ControllerG.A.S EC Fan Speed Controller
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G.A.S Digital EC Fan CablesG.A.S Digital EC Fan Cables
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G.A.S AC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed ControllerG.A.S AC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller
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Mk1 SMSCom 7-Amp Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller
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SMSCom Mk2 6.5-Amp Sensor for Smart Controller
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Control Freak 3 Amp Dynamic Frequency Fan Speed Controller
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Grow Gadgets Plug In Fan Speed Dimmer
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SMSCOM - MK2 4-Amp (900 Watts) Hybrid Controller
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What is a Fan Controller?

An extraction system is a very important part of an indoor grow setup. It removes stale, CO2 depleted, damp air, and removes heat too. The problem is that in colder months, an extraction system running at full speed can remove too much heat leaving your plants growing in sub-optimal temperatures. A fan controller allows the grower to balance the extraction rate with the temperature in the grow area, letting you maintain optimal conditions. This means that your plants will enjoy ideal grow temperatures all the time in your grow room which will lead to faster growth and bigger yields.

Why are fan controllers so important?

Fan controllers are also needed in your grow room to make sure that smells aren't leaving your grow room. You want to be aiming for something called "negative pressure". This is when you're sucking more air in than out, you accomplish this with the aid of fans sucking into your grow room and out of it. When you pair this up with fan controllers, you get full precision over your grow room whilst

What are the best fan speed controllers?

Picking a high quality speed controller can make life easier and give you much more precision over your fans, perfecting your temperature for optimal results. Some are more controllable than others, giving you the ability to dim your fans and set minimum / maximum optimal speeds to maintain a constant temps in your grow room.

Top 5 Fan Controllers

  1. G.A.S Enviro Controllers V2 - The best controller in the business, end of discussion. Perfect every aspect of your environment, from your temperature to humidity; the Enviro Controller does it better than any other speed controller in the market.
  2. G.A.S EC5 Fan Speed Controllers - The EC5 Controller allows you to not only perfect every aspect of your intake and outtake, but it also balances them perfectly for optimal temperature controllability.
  3. G.A.S AC-EC Controllers - Manage both AC & EC fans with the AC-EC controller. It's perfect if you're running EC and AC fans, making them fully controllable and helping to regulate speeds throughout your setup.
  4. G.A.S EC2 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller with Balancer - A small but powerful fan controller, the EC2 regulates maximum and minimum fan speed temperatures using a thermostatic probe; it's the perfect way to regulate your fans output on a budget, giving you maximum control over temperature.
  5. G.A.S Hyperfan V2 Controllers - For those who love the Hyper fan comes the dedicated hyper fan v2 controller, giving you full precision to manage your climate temperature with this controllable fan speed controller.


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