SMSCOM - MK2 4-Amp (900 Watts) Hybrid Controller


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SMSCOM 4 Amp Hybrid Fan Speed Controller

The SMSCOM 4 Amp Hybrid Controller brings together the best aspects of digital and analogue technology for the precise management of an extraction fan and an intake fan.

All you've got to do for effective end results is plug your fans straight into the unit and adjust the dials to indicate the target temperature and minimum fan speed settings. It will then use digital software to accurately monitor indoor conditions, and when required, traditional mechanical components are on hand to alter the operating speeds on a gradually more powerful 5-step basis.

A light sensitive probe enables the SMSCOM 4 Amp Hybrid Controller to detect when your grow room is in the dark, triggering an internal response that sees the fans ramped up one setting every hour for 5 minutes to clear the air and reduce humidity (a very useful feature throughout the flowering stage). If you don't want this to happen at certain times of the grow cycle (e.g. the vegetative stage), the supplied rubber sleeve can be attached to €œturn off€ this functionality.

The SMSCOM 4 Amp Hybrid Controller is impressively quiet, with no buzzing or humming noises. This has been achieved by employing a heavyweight relay to regulate the power supply instead of pulsing electricity (repeatedly switching fans on and off in a fast and undetectable manner to alter the mode of operation) like most normal digital controllers.

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