Fans, Filters & Air Control

One of the secrets to success with growing plants in hydroponics is keeping your grow environment optimal with a good grow extraction kit or system. The air needs to be kept at the right temperature and humidity, and the CO2 level around the plants needs to be kept up by refreshing the air or by CO2 supplementation. We stock a full range of duct fans and carbon filters to remove odours, plus everything to connect them up with as well as complete grow extraction kits where we've done all the matching up for you. And if you want an advanced system for perfect air control, we stock the brilliant Opticlimate full environmental control units!

Why do you need a ventilation system?

When speccing your grow room, your extraction is the most vital aspect as it can make or break your results. When growing inside, you need to put your environment before anything else; poor environment, poor yielding plants.

What makes up your extraction?

Your ventilation system is made up of a few key components.

Extractor Fan

Your extractor fan is one of the main elements of your ventilation. It moves the air from the tent, through your carbon filter and out your tent. Extractor fans come in a few options AC (Alternating Current) and EC (Electronically Commutated). AC fans are older technology and we'd often only using them as a intake fan. EC fans are variable and can be dimmed from 1-100%, meaning they can be dimmed for more control. Having an intake fan is vital to maintaining negative pressure (we'll talk about this later). If you need help choosing your extractor fan, we've got full kits which come with everything you need to get up and running.

Carbon Filter

It's vital you pick up a high-quality filter. When growing indoors, smells from your grow room can seap out of your environment and into your home. Filters eliminate this risk by using granulated carbon to remove smells from your environment, sucking the air through your extractor fan and outside into a ventilated area. Make sure your grow room is secure from any smells and you won't have any issues. Top Tip - Our full grow tent kits already come with a perfectly specced extractor fan and filter combo for the tent size you'll be picking up, making it a great way to get up and running easily.


Ducting connects your extractor fan to your filter, and then ducts the air away into your room. It's a key component of ventilation systems and there's a few options. From simple combi ducting to phonic trap ducting, there's something for everybody.

Rope Ratchets

To hang up your grow room equipment, you'll need a decent set of rope ratchets. We'd recommend CarboAir rope ratchets for all your equipment hanging, including lighting. Using cheaper alternatives can leave you in a spot of bother should they choose to break while you're not at

Top 3 Grow Room Fans

RVK - Bulletproof and used by hundreds of thousands of growers over the world, the RVK won't let you down. It's perfect for using as an intake.

Hyperfan - Hyperfans are one of the best grow room fans on the market. They're EC technology and is a great option to use to ventilate your grow area. Pair these up with a G.A.S Controller and you'll have perfect air circulation which plants need to thrive.

Revolution Fans - The best fan in the industry, revolution fans give you performance, efficiency and won't let you down. Their silenced fan options also give you the best way of moving large amounts of air inside your grow space, making sure your grow tents well ventilated.

Controlling Humidity

Over the seasons, the humidity in your grow room changes, meaning you have to adapt to lower / raise your humidity. Having a large enough fan to clear air when it gets humid is a bonus, if you want more control, pair your controller up with a humidifier / dehumidifier to fully control your environment.

What size fan is right for me?

Choosing the correct fan size is crucial to maintaining negative pressure.

What is negative pressure?

Negative pressure is key to maintaining the perfect environment and keeping smells away. It's the process of taking in air and sucking it out using an intake and outtake fan. Negative pressure is CRITICAL to maintaining a safe grow space.

You can learn more about Negative Pressure here.

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