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Plagron Perlite
Plagron Perlite
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Horticultural perlite starts off as volcanic glass (SiO2), after which it’s converted into an expanded form by heating it up to extreme temperatures of around 850 – 900 °C (1560 – 1650 °F).

The result is a light, fluffy substrate improver that has an array of growth-enhancing benefits, which is why perlite is often found pre-mixed in commercial potting soil and other soil mixes

Note that there are different grades of perlite available: fine perlite with tiny grains has better water retention properties, whereas coarse perlite, with bigger grains, is better suited to increasing drainage.

Our perlite tends to be of the coarse variety. Adding it to coco or soil-based media increases levels of aeration by creating air pockets, improving drainage. Increasing oxygen levels has a dramatic effect on root growth and development, which then has a big knock-on effect on the top half of the plant. Adding perlite can speed up vegetative growth periods, shortening turnaround times and making your indoor garden more efficient and productive. These properties also make it a great choice for sowing seeds rooting cuttings.

You can also use perlite to reduce the likelihood of encountering root rot. By increasing oxygen levels and reducing excess water, the odds of pathogenic bacteria and fungi taking hold is greatly lowered.

Perlite delivers great results in an array of situations, whether it's used with potted plants or garden beds.

One thing to remember when using coarse perlite is that you'll probably need to water your plants more often, as they'll be more prone to drying out. This makes a perlite a great additive for growers using active systems, like drippers.

For a pre-mixed option, check out Plagron's 70 / 30 Mix, which is a blend of 70% coco and 30% perlite. Plagron RoyalMix is another good option if you're looking for soil-mix that contains perlite.

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