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Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40
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Plagron - Euro Pebbles
Plagron - Euro Pebbles
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Gold Label 60/40 - 45 Litres
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Gold Label - HydroCorn Clay Pebbles 45 Litres
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Clay pebble growing media, manufactured from expanded clay, offer a wide array of benefits as both a standalone hydroponic medium and as an additive to soil or coco coir mixes.

Porous and lightweight: delivers better aeration and drainage, which is crucial for healthy root development in hydroponic systems like deep water culture and flood & drain systems.

Enhances the properties of soil and coco: mixing these pebbles into soil or coco coir helps to maximise plant growth, producing a more oxygen-rich root environment and reduced the risk of overwatering.

Increased irrigation: with improved drainage, plants can be watered more frequently without the risk of waterlogging. This increased watering can lead to better nutrient uptake and more robust plant growth. Be sure to purchase a good quality pump — the last thing you need is a pump failure in a growing medium that needs feeding more frequently.

Chemically inert and pH stable: clay pebbles won't react with nutrients or other mediums, ensuring a consistent, neutral growing environment. Just be sure to use a nutrient range that's formulated for the job, like Samurai Hydro Grow or Bloom.

Reusable: clay pebbles can be used multiple times. Just make sure that you rinse them throughly before repotting and, preferably, soak them with a decent quality enzyme product, like Zenzym.

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