Gold Label - HydroCorn Clay Pebbles 45 Litres


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Greater Surface Area & Better Water Holding Properties for Rapid Growth and BIGGER PLANTS

Gold Label HydroCorn clay pebbles are probably the most effective type of clay pebble for hydroponic use. HydroCorn pebbles have a much more uneven shape than the traditional clay ball and are shaped a bit like popcorn. Gold Label HydroCorn is RHP certified which means that it is a consistent and high-quality grow medium that's completely crop-safe.

How HydroCorn Works

Gold Label HydroCorn clay pebbles are irregular-shaped pebbles of expanded clay which resemble popcorn. They have an uneven and coarse surface with lots of pores, giving them a huge surface area which allows them to hold lots of water. Because the clay pebbles are hard they do not compact down and they retain air-spaces between them providing lots of oxygen for roots. The spaces between them also mean that HydroCorn drains very freely, avoiding water-logging. HydroCorn can be added to soils, coco and soilless mixes to improve drainage or can be used to top-dress pots containing other grow-mediums to reduce water evaporation.

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  • The best performing clay pebbles out there
  • Delivers rapid plant growth - roots love it!
  • Gold Label – a long-standing favourite brand
  • Greater surface area - holds onto water better than standard pebbles
  • Has a naturally very low CF level
  • Provides a secure and stable hydroponic rooting medium
  • Can be rinsed and re-used
  • Can be used to top-dress soil or coco to reduce evaporation
  • Can be mixed into soil, coco or soilless mediums to improve drainage
  • Allows incredibly fast root growth due to the huge amount of oxygen in the root-zone

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