Growing Media

Every plant needs something to grow its roots into (except in aeroponic growing), We stock a great range of grow substrates and media plus propagation mediums to start your clones off in. Whether you prefer to grow in soil/organics, coco, clay pebbles, rockwool, perlite or use NFT spreader matting, we’ve got everything. We’ve even got Seramis Clay Granulate (which German growers love) and Rockwool Slabs for those with aqua trays or a vertical growing system.

A Guide to Growing Media

Unless you grow in a DWC or Aeroponic System, you are going to need some type of growing media.

Most growing medium are based on clay pebbles, coco, soil, or a mixture of them.

For an organic grow, stick with soil growing media, for hydroponic systems, stick to a clay pebble or coco growing media.

Each growing media has their own characteristics.

Soil & Coco Growing Media

The most natural things on the planet and is perfect for biological gardening but it is not really suited to hydroponics because it holds on to too much water. Coco drains better so it is suited for hydroponics and can also be used for biological gardening as well.

Hydroponic Systems

Clay pebbles drain the best and is only suited to hydroponics and give your roots room to thrive. Although it is not the best home for microbes, it can still be used for biological gardening as well.

What makes a good growing media?

A good quality growing media will help your plants to establish a strong root network, promoting rapid plant development and increased growth rates. Cheaper growing media can contain lower quality ingredients, leading to less growth. The growing media that we sell is tested in-house to make sure the quality stands up and gives our customers the best results.

Top 5 Growing Media - Our Favourite Products

  1. Canna Coco Professional Plus - A fan favourite which your plants will love.
  2. Plant Magic Soil Supreme - Great for organic growers
  3. Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil - A living substrate primed with beneficial bacteria
  4. Gold Label Hydrocorn - Perfect for those using hydroponics and mineral feeds
  5. Eazy Plugs (Propagation Media) - A fantastic option for those wanting rapid cutting growth

Need a hand choosing your media?

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