When you've found an exceptional plant, or you don't want to continually buy seeds, then taking cuttings and growing them into rooted clones (propagation) is the way to go. We stock everything you need for propagation including propagation specific nutrients to get your next generation off to a flying start! For more information about making clones take a look at our How to Start Growing From Cuttings Blog.

About Propagation Kits

Taking cuttings from a mother plant and rooting them allows you to keep a set of genetics going. This means you know what to expect on every grow. Your plants will have the same physical structure, yield pretty much the same and give you the same quality crop every time. This allows you to really get to know the genetics and "dial in" your growing to suit the plant over the course of a few grows.

Propagation all begins by taking side shoots from a mother plant, placing them in rooting plugs inside a propagator, and getting them to create (or strike) roots. This usually takes a week or two in most cases.

There's lots of products to help you to increase your success rate. From propagators to sterile scalpels. From rooting hormone to rooting plugs, we've got the lot.

What do you need when Propagating?

Propagation doesn't have to be a chore and is the best way to get your new plants up and running quickly (whether you go from seed or cutting). Many plants can be propagated and we'd recommend a few tools to get your plants up and running.

Plant Propagation Kits

When you're ready to propagate plants, we suggest getting your grow area set up with one of our propagation kits. These propagation kits come with everything you need to get up and running, including propagator, scalpel and rooting hormone. Once you've taken the stem cuttings off your parent plant, it's time to pop them into a jiffy plug.

After a few days, these will root into your medium and you'll have a brand new plant!

Top 5 Best Propagation Kits

2-Tube T5 Propagation Kit - The T5 Propagation Kit gives you everything you need to get up and running, including your grow tent.

Maxibright LED Propagation Kit - Our go-to propagation kit for those looking to get awesome results all year round.

Aeroponic Propagation Kit - Get fast root growth when using the aeroponic propagation kit and improve your strike rates dramatically.

Essentials Propagation Kit - This kit is a staple for every new grower who wants to dip their toes into hydroponics

Clone Propagation Kit - A simple kit which comes with everything you need to make your first clones a success.

Mother Plants Process (Parent Plant)

If you're growing in larger numbers, it's a good idea to up your propagation game and have a dedicated parent plant which you'll be taking them from. These parent plants or mother plants as they're known, never flower and continue to veg indefinitely. They allow you to create new plants easily as they'll have plenty of sites to take leaf cuttings from which will become your new plants.

If you want to get a parent plant healthy, we offer kits which keep them happy and healthy, ready to take them off whenever you need them.

Growing from Seed

If you don't want to use a mother plant you can get up and running with seeds easily. Use a wet-paper towel and a small container until the seeds pop!

Propagating under LEDs

As LED technology has improved, we've got more options for people wanting to grow using LEDs. The Maxibright 300w is the perfect light for the job with its perfectly balanced spectrum, allowing your light to mimic to the sun. The light output from the maxibright allows them to thrive and develop new roots, allowing your leaf cuttings to thrive.

Once you've got your new plant, you'll need to propagate them until they're established enough to enter the veg stage of their life cycle.

Keep humidity up and spray them regularly with water for the best results, this will give them everything they need before moving them into the vegetative stage.

If you're looking to get up and running with a propagation kit, we've got them with Maxibright 300w LEDs in, ready for you to grow with!

Propagation Media

There's a few different types of propagation media that we're big fans of -

Eazy Plugs / Blocks / Pyramids

The Eazy plug range is our favourite way of getting cuttings / seeds up and running. This media is formed from an organic coco with a bonding agent which allows roots to be air pruned, giving massive growth and increasing turnaround times for your prized cuttings. Our favourite thing about this propagation media is that you can transplant it into the cube / pyramids, allowing you to quickly and easily upscale them from seeds to cuttings, to fully fledged plants - this is one of our favourite propagation methods. If you don't want to transplant it into the bigger blocks, use soil or coco as your chosen method. We've got propagation kits with Eazy Plugs in there,

Jiffy Plugs

Jiffy plugs are another form of media which has been around as long as hydroponics has. Many growers tent to use this growing medium to get their root system established fast and with minimal ease. Indoor plants love the aeration jiffy plugs give seed / cuttings, and allow you to easily transplant them into soil, ready for the vegetative parts of the cycle. These come in our propagation kits, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.

Best method to take stem cuttings

There's a few methods to take cuttings, but, we suggest you cut the stem of a leaf at a 45* angle using a sharp knife (we recommend using a scalpel). Once you've done this, dip the end of the stem in Clonex and add it into your plug. After a few days in the perfect environment, you'll see root growth. This process is easy and fast.

Our Method to a perfect environment

Use a humidifier in your small grow tent to keep your propagation area humid, your young plants will love this. Keep the vents closed on the propagation lid until your seeds / cuttings are fully formed and rooted, keep them moist!

Need a hand choosing your propagation kit?

Our experts are have crafted the best propagation kits in the industry, making it even easier for you to get up and running. If you do need a hand choosing a propagation