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Run to Waste Systems

Hand-watering plants in pots is a very standard way of growing, especially with soil. What can be a bit of a pain is hefting the pot of wet soil off the saucer in order to empty it. Our run to waste systems mean that you don't have to lift the pots up by automatically draining the run-off away.

The stands are very sturdy and are available in two different sizes. Run-off from the pots is channeled down into a pipe connected underneath the stands. The pipework is then run to a special brain-pot which can then pump it into a container for disposal or straight down a drain.

Our Medusa systems are available with various numbers of stands and either with no pots or a choice of 2 different types of pot - cloth pots or Superoots Air-pots. Both offer the great benefit of air pruning. Air pruning causes the plant to send out more and more root shoots from the base of the stem buried in the medium. This eventually creates a much larger root mass than would normally be possible in a non root pruning pot.

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