IWS AutoDrain System — Pro Pipe / Standard Trays

IWSSKU: 31842

System: 4-Pot
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Remove Run-Off with IWS AutoDrain Grow Systems

Choose an IWS AutoDrain grow system and take the headaches out of your feeding routine by pumping waste away automatically.

How AutoDrain Systems Work

When growing in soil or coco you will need to allow for around 10% run-off to adequately saturate the substrate. This run-off has to go somewhere, but unfortunately, in many cases, it ends up getting left in saucers or trays. Roots hate sitting in run-off because it deprives them of much-needed oxygen, opening the doorway to crop-destroying pathogens like pythium. As the run-off evaporates into the room, it also raises humidity levels, making the environment more difficult to control and increasing the likelihood of encountering mould and rot.

IWS AutoDrain run-off trays provide the solution to these issues by removing waste automatically. AutoDrain Trays are connected to an IWS Run-to-Waste Brain Controller using flexi pipe. When the float sensor in the brain detects run-off, it powers up the internal pump, which then pumps the run-off to a drain.

This takes a lot of the hassle out of hand-watering, freeing up time that can be spent elsewhere — pruning, training, cleaning and general maintenance. That's why AutoDrain systems are ideal for growers working with larger numbers of plants, as they make big rooms much, much easier to manage.

Please note these systems are purchase to order & may take a few working days to dispatch

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Comes with standard IWS Flexi Pipe (25mm internal diameter), fittings and standard AutoDrain Trays.

Choose the number of pots using the dropdown menu.


  • Automatically removes run-off and pumps it to a drain
  • Designed and tested to destruction by the team at IWS
  • Connected up with 25mm (internal diameter) flexi pipe
  • Comes with standard AutoDrain Trays
  • Lightens the load when hand-watering
  • Can be upgraded to include a dripper system
  • Built from robust, highly crack-resistant plastic
  • Sizes available to suit every grow space, from 4-pot to 48-pot

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