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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Grow Gadgets Heavy Duty Lighting Timer with Contactor
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Maxibright Quad Timer - 4 x 600wMaxibright Quad Timer - 4 x 600w
Maxibright Quad Timer - 4 x 600w
Sale price£15.99
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Time-R Digital TimerTime-R Digital Display
Time-R Digital Timer
Sale price£39.99
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Omega - Widow Timer & Relay ContactorsOmega - Widow Timer & Relay Contactors
Omega - Widow Timer & Relay Contactors
Sale price£64.50
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MDF Lighting Timer Boards (with fan sockets)MDF Lighting Timer Boards (with fan sockets)
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Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer
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Grow Gadgets 24hr Mechanical TimerGrow Gadgets 24hr Mechanical Timer
Grow Gadgets 24hr Mechanical Timer
Sale price£7.99
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About Relays Contactors & Time Switches

A standard time switch is not robust enough to switch large wattage grow light directly. The switches inside of them cannot handle the current change at switch on or switch off. This often causes arcing which destroys the switch contacts.

Instead, a heavy duty switch is used to power the lights. A time switch simply controls the heavy duty switch which is called a relay or contactor.

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