Grow Gadgets 24hr Mechanical Timer


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Grow Gadgets 24hr Mechanical Timer

Compatible with any plug-in lights Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Timer is ideal for use as either an automated energy-saving device or as a basic security device.

Featuring 48 settings, this handy 24 Hour Timer allows you to program the device to turn lights on or off at 30-minute intervals, over 24 hours. Simply plug the chosen lights into the timer and plug the timer into the plug socket.


  • Awesome value for money
  • High-quality and safe to use
  • Combines a timer and contactor unit together
  • Gives you complete control over a single 600w HPS fixture
  • Compact, plug and play design
  • Includes protective cover from splashes of water and dust
  • Twist the dial to indicate the time, the adjust pins for on/off period

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