Grow Tents & Sheeting

Awarded as the UK's number 1 grow tent, we stock BudBox because they're the best available. The BudBox Pro grow tent features click-lock 25mm extra thick poles, tough superior stitching and is available in either silver mylar or super white. The BudBox Lite is the best budget grow tent available in the UK, offering superior quality over any other cheap grow tent on the market. Alongside grow tents, we also stock a full range of grow room sheeting.

About Grow Tents

Grow tents are one of the fundamental pieces of equipment for a successful indoor hydroponics grow because they form the housing and basis to create an ideal hydroponic grow environment.

A Beginners Guide to Grow Tents

In the UK, most hydroponic growers will be growing inside, typically, in a grow tent. They offer the following advantages:

  • Grow tents provide a convenient framework for the rest of the grow equipment, with hanging rails for the light(s) as well as extraction fans & filters
  • Grow tents help to prevent odours escaping
  • Tents create a contained microclimate, allowing the extraction system and heaters to work more effectively
  • Their light reflective surface of tents reflect valuable light back into the garden rather than letting it get wasted
  • Our tents are available in a wide choice of sizes to suit you. We stock small grow tents for propagation, medium sized tents for regular grows, large grow tents and even mammoth size grow tents for those growing on a big scale
  • Also available are tents with a pitched roof for using in a loft or attic
  • High convenience and practicality - the whole grow is contained in exactly the right size space
  • Grow tents provide vents and access holes for the ducting and electricity feeds
  • Grow tents ensure that during the dark period your plants are in complete darkness - no light leaks
  • A white interior grow tent is even more reflectivity than silver tent
  • Many of the Budbox Pro grow tents are available in either a 2m heigh tent or 2.2m heigh tent.


Grow tents are a fast and easy way to get up and running, allowing you to transform a spare bedroom, loft or living space into a thriving grow room. Indoor grow tents also give you a lot of utility in your grow space, giving you poles to hang lights off, reflective sides for increased light reflectivity (leading to higher yields), and contain your plants all within a concealed environment, meaning you can grow plants in your own house and keep your neighbours at bay from seeing your prized winning tomatoes...

Reasons for choosing a quality tent

With the grow tent being so important, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a quality one. Some cheap grow tents have poor quality zips and stitching. The frames and corner pieces are sometimes not very sturdy, and the bars of cheaper grow tents sometimes cannot support much weight before bowing. As any grower who has had to replace a grow tent will tell you, having to dismantle a whole garden and then rebuild it is time-consuming and a really big inconvenience. Sometimes it can end up ruining an entire grow cycle too because of the disruption. It really is well worth investing in a quality, branded tent to begin with that will last for a good while. Budbox tents are the UK's premium grow brand and with one of their Pro grow tents you get gorilla strength and you can be confident that it will be durable and long-lasting!

Common Tent Sizes

1.2m x 1.2m grow tents - When you're looking to get growing, most growers go with this space. They allow you to fit 4-8 plants in and provide you with adequate room for an array of grow lights.

1.2m x 2.4m tents - If you're looking to increase the amount of plants you're growing, this gives you plenty of room whilst making it easily manageable! We'd suggest using two 600w lights in this grow space for maximum results - we offer tents for loft and regular rooms.

0.75m x 0.75m grow tents - Most growers want to speed up their cycle by propagating their next batch of cuttings, this grow tent size is perfect for those with a big indoor grow.

What makes a good tent?

Choosing a tent is one of the most vital aspects of setting up; a poor grow tent can lead to you having to either replace the grow tent after a grow or two OR you risk it breaking. Budbox tents are very easy to assemble. They boast strong click-lock poles and tough corner pieces. This is very important because all the weight of the extraction system and grow light is supported through the frame to the corner pieces.


Choose a tent which has strong, steel poles, especially if you're growing with an LED light. Cheaper tents have less sturdy poles.

Canvas & Stitching

A cheaper tent canvas will rip, causing light leaks and a loss of reflectivity in your grow room. Our BudBox grow tent only use the highest quality canvas. The canvas on BudBox Pro grow tent is thick and feature strong zips and stitching and are 100% light proof when zipped up. A thick canvas means that less sound gets through it. Being quieter is a very important aspect to some growers when setting up a tent inside a room.


Strong grow tent zips are key to a fantastic grow tent, often, cheaper tents skimp out on these, leaving you with an often broken zipper. Our tents only use military grade zips for maximum reliability. The reflective interior means that none of the precious light is wasted. The BudBox Pro grow tent range comes with a choice of either silver (mylar) or the slightly more reflective white interior to maximise light output. Budbox's white interior versions actually run a little cooler than the mylar version.

Getting access to your crop is also very important, this means having adequate access panels. Make sure when choosing a tent it has an adequate quantity of ducting socks and electrical feed ports. The Pro range also have an interesting innovative feature in that they include a green tinted viewing window for checking on your plants while they are in the dark period without disturbing it.

A velcro attached cover keeps light out when it is not in use during the dark period to check up on your crop. "Uplift" sections on the bottom rails are shaped to allow feed/drainage pipes for a hydroponics system to neatly exit the tent to a reservoir located outside of it. The fabric is thick, durable and does not let light through the zips or stitching, advertising your indoor garden like a lighthouse when the grow light is on. Another good point is that most of the Pro range are available in 2 heights - 2 metres tall or 2.2 metres tall.

This gives extra headroom if you grow taller crops, if you intend to go for the taller option make sure that your ceiling is high enough to still allow you to erect it. Please note - the small propagation tent and the loft grow tents do not come in 2 heights.

How do I spec my indoor tent setup?

You've got two options - 

1) Let us do it for you!

We offer a huge range of full Grow Tent kits which are created by our experts to get you up and running. From Essential 600W kits to Intermediate Kits, we've got them all.

These come with everything you need, and the grow tents we offer can be found in these kits.

See our full range of Tent Kits here.

2) You can pick your lighting system and extraction yourself!

0.75m x 0.75m - Go for a 250w-300w light.

1m x 1m - A 400W light is perfect for the job.

1.2m x 1.2m - This is the standard size and most common, go for a 600W light.

1.5m x 1.5m - If you're growing in a big space, pick up a 1000w light to fuel your crop.

These spaces give you enough room to fit the lights you need in there to do the job and offer a huge array of features for the money. If you need a help choosing your lights, give us a call.

Which is the best indoor tent for you?

We only offer the best range of grow tents in the industry which provide growers with the best tents to push their indoor grow to another level. Our grow tent offering gives customers the best brand in the industry, the BudBox. BudBox have been around for years, and we were the first UK store to stock their Lite tents; we've backed them from day one.

BudBox Lite - Lites are perfect for those who're looking to get up and running on a budget. Lites give you a fantastic build quality but for a great price, giving you excellent value for money. In our opinion, they're the best budget grow tent in the UK and can't be beaten.

Lites are also great for those who're looking for veg tents and drying grow tent as their grow tent selection gives you a few more bespoke and small grow tents which you can tailor to your grow space.

Bay6 Grow Tents - Bay6 Grow Tents are the best budget tent we offer, giving you an even more affordable tent with some great features.

Bay6 come in a vast ray of sizes, so whether you want to get yourself a new propagation tent or budget setup up and running, they're ideal for the job.

BudBox Pro - BudBox Pro's are the best grow tent in the industry; they're built to last and give you high reflectively for increased yields. If you're serious about growing and want the best results, go for a BudBox Pro grow tent.

Need a Pitched Grow Tent? Click here! - Not sure which is the right grow tent for you? Check out our blog on Setting Up Your First Grow Tent Kit: A Beginner’s Guide​.

How do you setup our grow tents?

Our grow tents are really easy to setup and come with everything you need to get up and running. These grow tents are made for beginners and pros alike, meaning unlike some cheaper less user friendly grow tents on the market, ours are user friendly and provide the perfect growing environment. When setting up our grow tents, make sure you've cleared the area of anything that's in the way as it'll make it easier, if you're using bigger grow tents, you may need the help of a friend... Assemble the frame using the instructions provided and click the grow tents poles into place. Once you've got the frame assembled, you'll need to get the canvas ready to pull over the tent.

Follow the grow tents instructions and pull the canvas over your grow tents poles.

Once you've done this, zip it up and you've got the perfect home to create the perfect conditions for your plants. Remember, your growing environment is key to happy plants so if you need a hand getting this right, give us a call or message us via the help button.

Don't forget, you'll need extraction and a light to get up and running!

Grow Tent Aftercare

It's important when you've invested in a grow tent to look after it, it's the home to all of your beloved crop after all. We suggest after each grow, sterilise the area with a product such as silver bullet and clean down the mylar and floor. You may also want to clean the frame in the same manner, making sure you keep a clean and healthy area for your crop to flourish - remember, pro tents give you better access and a better quality frame.

Make sure over the summer you're paying good attention to your indoor grow space, as your tents grow bacteria faster during the hotter periods and pests can get into the nooks and crannies. Smoke bombs are good for clearing out pests from your indoor grow room, so consider using these if you're struggling.

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