Complete Grow Tent Kits

Complete Grow Kits

We have the UK's best selection of complete grow kits. Hydroponic or hand watering, we have the best equipment for beginners and pros, put together with quality products at the UK's cheapest prices. All our complete grow kits are the best in the industry and our staff are experts in hydroponics, meaning they're on-hand to help beginners get the most from their first crop, and give pros tips and tricks on getting the biggest yields.

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Complete Grow Kits

We have a large range of complete and bare-bones equipment to choose from. Whatever your budget, we've got a kit that can cover it. Our intermediate and expert complete grow kits contain pretty much everything and offer great value for money. They include great quality Budbox tents which are the best you can buy.

What makes a good complete hydroponics complete grow kits?

A good complete grow kits is made up of a few key items

  1. A high quality tent (such as the BudBox tent range)
  2. Lights (HPS,LED, CDM etc)
  3. Extraction System (to keep smells at bay)

Pair these three together and you'll be getting a good tent kit.

Need a hand getting setup?

If you need a hand getting setup, we've got the best products that give you everything you need to get setup, including your tent, lights and extraction system.

Complete Grow Kits for every budget

Our offerings vary in price range, meaning no matter

Add some nutrients and you'll be ready to get up and running. We recommend a nutrient starter pack.

Quality Components

Our equipment give you the best quality tents on the market, the BudBox range, giving you a huge array of features whilst giving you plenty of room.

Which is right for you?

From LED lights to large BudBox Pro tents, our kit options are extensive and there's something for everybody.

We suggest picking an area and then choosing the tents to fit in that space for maximum use of the space. Need a hand? Give us a call!

Save big £££

By buying your tent, extraction and lights all in one as a kit, you can save yourself money on the products you love. Get the best deal when you buy your items as a kit and get hand-picked hydroponics products.