IWS AutoDrain Stands


Size: Small (up to 16 litre pots)
Sale price£8.99

IWS AutoDrain Stands

Easily eliminate run-off with IWS AutoDrain stands, the convenient and cost-effective solution. Designed with a slope, these stands effortlessly divert run-off (waste feed) away, preventing it from being reabsorbed by your plants. By utilizing them, you can safeguard against oversaturation, mineral accumulation, and root rot, as stagnant and oxygen-deprived feed is unable to be reabsorbed by your plants. Achieve the ideal run-off level of 20 – 30% effortlessly, ensuring minerals and salts do not accumulate in your pots. Even when using RhizoPots, roots still receive adequate airflow for optimal growth and development. Dispose of waste feed directly into a nearby drain or waste collection tray for hassle-free maintenance. Both sizes of IWS AutoDrain stands are compatible with 25mm pipes, and can be adapted for use with 13mm or 19mm pipes with the appropriate connectors.

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