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Grow Systems/Pots

With hydroponic grow systems from some of the world's biggest names, from Origin (formerly known as Wilma) dripper systems to IWS flood and drain, from Medusa to Easy-Feed, from Autopot systems to NFT, from Superoots Air-pots to R-DWC, it's no surprise that most growers in the UK come to the One Stop Grow Shop hydroponics when they need trays, pots, tanks and more. Our awesome selection and choice of items is as good as you'll find in the country and we won't be beaten on price. Start shopping today and buy the best pots and hydroponics grow systems around.

About Grow Systems & Pots

No matter how you plan to grow, you are going to need something to grow your plants in.

That might be something as simple as a pot of soil, or it might be an ultra-modern Aeroponic grow system.

A pot of soil or coco offers the opportunity for organic growing, and no matter which soil or coco you decide to use, we can thoroughly recommend using air-pruning pots which helps the plant to grow an awesome root system.

After that, there's DWC which is literally growing the roots in a bucket of bubbling water. Going one-stage even further, there's aeroponics where the roots grow in thin air, being occasionally misted with water.

The more traditional hydroponics methods of flood and drain, dripper, and NFT.

We cater for any style of growing that you decide on. We have all the equipment, the spares, the nutrients and the knowledge to help you.

Why Grow in a Grow System?

Grow systems are perfect for those wanting to make growing more automated and save time. Systems also give you more control over your hydroponic nutrient, meaning you're administering plant nutrition at optimal levels for massive plant growth.

Top 5 Best Grow Systems of 2021

  1. Origin Growing Systems (Formerly known as the Wilma) - The Origin is a lot of growers easiest and most affordable way to get up and running using hydroponics. This system gives you excellent results, it's easy to use and also doesn't take a lot of maintaining. The Origin's price point makes growing in this very worthwhile! It's been around for years and is one of the most popular systems we love growing in!
  2. Medusa Run-To-Waste - The Medusa Run-To-Waste (RTW) system is a favourite of those looking to hand-water. You can also add dripper kits for even more efficiency and grow bigger!
  3. Easyfeed Growing Systems - An extremely easy to maintain system which uses gravity to feed your plants. You can grow from 2 pots all the way up to 60+ pots, making it perfect for hobbyists and large-scale growers.
  4. DWC - Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a popular growing method which uses oxygenated nutrient to feed your plants roots, giving them incredible yields and strong plants.
  5. NFT Growing Systems - Nutrient Film Technology uses no pots as roots grow into matting which is laid across a tray, absorbing the nutrient solution along the way. It's easy to setup and is at a great price point.


Top Tips for Growing in Systems

Tailor your nutrients to your system - Some nutrients work better in systems than others, this can be because of a few reasons. Some nutrients are thicker than others, meaning when used in a system, they don't mix as well with the water, making them harder to dissolve. This can cause blockages in your filter and lead to issues. Make sure you choose a product which will work well, for example, Plant Magic DWC is specifically formulated to break down in water, making it easier to flow through your system.

Keep it Clean!

Make sure you're cleaning your grow system regularly to avoid bacteria build up. Use a product like Silver Bullet to keep the roots free from pathogens over the summer months, it'll help you keep growing when others can't!

Another popular product is Vitalink Chill/Heat, as this will allow you to grow through the Summer/Winter months when temperatures fluctuate the most.

Dust Free Filter!

If using a pump in your system, make sure to regularly clean your filter to avoid dust build up which could potentially cause a burn out.

Need a hand choosing your system?

Don't forget, our retail experts are on hand to help you pick something that'll suit your growing style. We've got the best range of systems in the industry, meaning we'll give you the products & best price in the industry.

Our Choice!

Go for a Easyfeed or a Origin system; they're popular for a reason! They'll deliver you amazing results and get you up and running in no time at all.

Find all of these options above!