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LED Aeroponic Propagation Kits

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LED Aeroponic 12 Site Propagator Kit
Special Price £130.46 Regular Price £144.95
LED Aeroponic 20 Site Propagator Kit
Special Price £148.46 Regular Price £164.95
LED Aeroponic 40 Site Propagator Kit
Special Price £175.46 Regular Price £194.95
LED Aeroponic 120 Site Propagator Kit
Special Price £269.96 Regular Price £299.95
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  • Faster root growth, better strike rates and quicker turnaround times!
  • Made from tough, durable, crack-resistant plastic
  • Easy to set-up and maintain - requires no growing medium
  • Features a super-efficient blue LED - perfect for vegetative growth
  • Runs cooler and uses less power than typical fluorescent lighting
  • Comes with a Hydor Heater to keep nutrient temps optimal
  • Kit comes in a range of sizes to fit virtually any space
  • Includes Clonex and a scalpel to get you off to a great start taking cuttings

Experience Explosive Root Growth in Record Time with Our LED Aeroponic Propagation Kits

These kits combine super-oxygenating aeroponic propagators with LED lighting to create a system that will transform cuttings into well-rooted clones in super-quick time, improving strike rates and making your indoor garden much more efficient.

Recommended Additional Purchases

Daisy Chaining Cable - for running multiple LEDs from one socket.

Looking for somewhere to put your propagation equipment? Check out our BudBox Lite 60cm x 60cm x 90cm grow tents.

How the LED Aeroponic Propagation Kits Work

Aeroponic propagator kits are made up of three core components: a reservoir, a propagator tray and a propagator lid. The reservoir supports a tray of net pots with neoprene collars, from which cuttings are suspended. The reservoir also holds your nutrients, water pump and delivery system (with spray heads). These spray heads act like a mini-sprinkler system, distributing a fine mist of nutrient solution around the stems. This creates an environment with extremely high levels of oxygen, promoting rapid root development while reducing the potential for microbial infections, like pythium.

The clear plastic lid maintains a humid environment inside the propagator, preventing your clones from drying out before they have successfully rooted. There are some adjustable ventilation holes at the top. Keep these closed off when you first take your cuttings and open them up to let in some fresh air as roots start to develop.

Two suitably sized Street Light LEDs are included with each kit, delivering lots of blue light that's perfectly tuned for rapid growth during the earliest stages. These lights run cool enough to sit straight on top of the propagator and have an expected lifespan of over 50,000 hours. They are extremely efficient, generating light levels on a par with T5 fluorescent tubes while using much less power.


Your choice of LED Aeroponic Propagation Kit. Choose your size above.

1 x Unheated Aeroponic Propagator in your chosen size

12-120 x Net Pots

12-120 x Neoprene Collars

2 x Street Light Blue Strip LEDs (30cm for the 12-Site and 20-Site, 45cm for the 40-Site and 90cm for the 120-Site)

1 x Pump and Delivery System (with Spray Heads)

1 x Sterile Scalpel Blade

1 x 50mls Clonex Rooting Gel

1 x 50 Watt or 100 Watt Hydor In-Tank Water Heater (with thermostat and temperature dial)

Included LEDs

12-Site and 20-Site: 30cm (12W) Street Light LED

40-Site: 45cm (18W) Street Light LED

120-Site: 90cm (24W) Street Light LED

Also included is a Hydor Tank Heater, which will bring your nutrient solution up to the right temperature whenever needed. Just use the dial on the end of the heater to select your ideal temperature and stick it to the bottom of the reservoir.

Included Heaters

12-Site, 20-Site and 40-Site: 50w Hydor Heater

120-Site: 100w Hydor Heater

How to Use the Aeroponic Propagation Kit

Aeroponic propagators are easy to assemble. Connect up the pump, delivery system and spray heads and then stick the pump to the bottom of the reservoir, along with your Hydor Heater. Make sure that you set the heater to 20 degrees Celsius.

The LEDs are placed in the grooves in the propagator lid.

For information on taking cuttings, check out the One Stop Blog. Insert each cutting into one of the neoprene collars, fit the collars into the net pots, and then place the net pots into the top tray. Fill your reservoir so that it sits just below the spray heads, making sure that the pH is between 5.8 and 6.5. Consider using a root booster like Roots Excel, which will add a protective coating to roots as they develop, along with a light foliar feed to keep the top half of the cuttings nourished while they're most vulnerable. Shogun Start was designed specifically for the job, which can be used either in the reservoir or as a foliar (3ml - 4ml per litre). Note that your cuttings won't be able to use nutrients until they have roots, so foliar feeds are much more important while they're getting established.

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