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Sterile Scalpel & Handle

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  • Scalpel with handle – very sharp
  • Easily cuts plant stems without crushing the stem
  • Makes a nice & clean final cut
  • Sterile until opened – will not introduce diseases to the cut

Sterile Scalpel & Handle

A very sharp sterile scalpel, complete with handle, for making a clean final cut on the bottom of a cutting without crushing the stem.

How the Sterile Scalpel & Handle Works:

Our sterile scalpel & handle is basically a small but very sharp knife-blade fixed onto a plastic handle. The scalpel is sterile until the package is opened meaning that it is completely free of micro-organisms until used. When taking cuttings, it is important to make the final cut with a very sharp blade to avoid crushing the stem and causing other unnecessary damage. It is also important not to introduce disease microbes into the final cut. This makes our sterile scalpel & handle absolutely perfect for the job.

For best results, use a new Sterile Scalpel & Handle for every fresh batch of cuttings. Always dispose of your old scalpels carefully.

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1 x Sterile Scalpel & Handle

Using the Sterile Scalpel & Handle

Comprehensive instructions about how to take cuttings can be found in various places on the internet. Here is a short guide: Place a tray of your favourite moistened rooting cubes into the bottom tray of a propagator. Choose healthy shoots with thick stems from which to take your cuttings and make the last cut with your Sterile Scalpel & Handle. Dip the cut end into a rooting gel such as Clonex and then place the end of the cutting into one of the rooting plugs. When you have finished taking your cuttings, put the lid on your propagator and move to a mild environment with propagation lighting. Keep the rooting plugs moist and mist your cuttings 2-3 times a day. After a few days, gradually increase open up the ventilation slots on the lid of your propagator to reduce humidity. When your cuttings have rooted through the plugs, they can then be placed in soil or a hydroponics system to grow.

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