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NFT Systems

NFT Systems

Coming complete with a reservoir, grow-tray, matting, pump and delivery pipes, these Nutriculture NFT Grow systems are great way to start in hydroponics. NFT (Nutrient Film Technology) uses no pots as the roots grow into specially designed matting which is laid on a special tray with nutrient solution running down it. The reservoir is low in height and this allows you to keep your plants at a lower height than with other hydroponic methods. Another great bonus is that you don't need to buy or dispose of lots of big potfuls of grow-medium. Great value for money and very simple to use!

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NFT Systems

Growing in an NFT (or Nutrient Film Technique) system has 2 big advantages. Firstly, they are fairly shallow so they help to keep height down. Secondly, there is very little medium to dispose of after the grow.

The methodology is actually very simple. Nutrient Solution is continuously taken from a reservoir and trickled down a slanted tray covered in spreader matting. Plants that have been rooted into small blocks (usually made of rockwool) make contact with the nutrient solution and the roots grow out onto the spreader matting. This eventually creates a flat root system which can be an inch or so thick. Once the nutrient solution reaches the end of the slanted tray it drops back into the reservoir below ready to be used again. The top tray is covered in light-tight correx to keep the humidity underneath it high and to prevent the growth of algae.

Unfortunately, the pump must run continuously. If it is ever switched off accidentally or if it fails, it will not be long before the plants will begin to suffer. We strongly recommend you keep a spare pump handy, just in case.

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