Nutriculture NFT Grow Systems


System: GT604 (153.5cm x 51cm)
Sale price£132.99

Includes FREE 25 foot (7.6 metre) spreader matting

Low-Profile, Simple to Use and Easy to Set-Up

Get yourself an NFT system and you can be up and running in minutes! NFTs utilise a simple design that incorporates a continuous flow of water, increasing oxygen levels for accelerated plant growth. NFTs are extremely low-profile, making them ideal for loft spaces and areas with limited headroom. As fully hydroponic systems, there's also no media to worry about, so there's also very little waste to deal with once you're done!

How NFT Grow Systems Work

The basic concept of the nutrient film technique is very simple: nutrient solution gets pumped from a reservoir so that it runs down a slightly angled tray, and then back into the reservoir on a continuous loop.

'Spreader mat' (thin fabric) is laid over the top tray to ensure that the nutrient solution is evenly distributed (not shown in the above image). Plants sit inside rockwool cubes and the system is covered up with a layer of Correx sheeting, which prevents algal growth while blocking out light and heat. Holes are cut out of the Correx sheeting, allowing the cubes (and your plants) to poke through. There's also an access space at the front of the unit, enabling you to perform maintenance jobs and nutrient change-outs without any hassle.

The constantly flowing nutrient solution generates high levels of oxygen, which promotes rapid root development. Healthy roots lead to healthy plants, and NFT grow systems have proven themselves to be more than capable of delivering huge yields!

One word of warning: plants can grow very quickly in NFTs, and you'll generally need to give them some additional support. We stock an array of products that are perfect for the job.

Preventing Water Damage

As with all hydroponic systems, you should always prepare for possible leaks and spills, so as to avoid causing damage if the worst happens. Check out our Run-Off & Work Trays and Floor Secure Sheeting.

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1 x reservoir, 1 x top tray, 1 x pumping kit, 1 x roll of free spreader mat, 1 x correx cover, 1 x instruction leaflet

Recommended Additional Purchases

3-Inch Rockwool Cubes or a 4-Inch Rockwool Cubes - to house your plants

Spreader Matting - to use once your free mat runs out

Silver Bullet Roots - highly recommended; keeps your tank sterile and disease-free

Air Pump & Air Stone Kits - to increase oxygen even further

Auto Top-Up Kit with Flexi Tank - automatically tops up your system from a separate Flexi Tank


  • Very low-profile - great for areas with limited headroom
  • Maintains high oxygen levels, thanks to constant nutrient flow
  • Easy access to pump and nutrient solution
  • No media required - very little waste to deal with after you've finished
  • FREE 25 foot (7.6 metre) spreader matting included

How To Use

How to Use NFT Grow Systems

Your NFT system will need to be placed on a level surface. Situating it at an angle will negatively impact nutrient flow through the system, causing it to run too slowly or too quickly.

The top tray fits onto the reservoir with the feed-hole facing the front to allow easy access to the pump and the reservoir. Connect up the pipe and pump.

Fill the system and make up your nutrient solution. Place a layer of spreader mat over the top-tray, covering the entire surface.

Place the correx cover over the top tray, mark out where the Rockwool cubes will be placed and cut them out with a sharp knife. The protruding tops of the rockwool cubes can be covered with plastic cube-cabs (available separately for 3-inch or 4-inch cubes) to help prevent algal growth.

Once everything has been set up as outlined above, the pump can be switched on. As with any NFT system, the pump MUST be left running constantly, day and night.

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