Nutriculture NFT Spreader Matting


Size: 50ft
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Nutriculture NFT Spreader Matting

Effectively distributes nutrients to your plants, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

How NFT Spreader Matting Works

The NFT Spreader Matting is used with all NFT systems. The Spreader Matting is laid out on the surface of an NFT Top-Tray (in side-by-side rows if necessary to cover the whole grow-surface). The Spreader Matting evenly distributes the nutrient solution evenly over the growing surface, infusing it with oxygen as it does so, encouraging a thick mat of roots to develop.

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1 x  Roll of Nutriculture NFT Spreader Matting in either 25ft, 50ft, 100ft or 925ft


  • Convenient size roll of Spreader Matting for NFT systems
  • Distributes Nutrient solution evenly across its surface
  • 8 inch (200mm) width

How To Use

How to Use the NFT Spreader Matting

Roll the Spreader Matting out over the surface of the Top-Tray of the NFT system and cut it to length. For wide Top-Trays several runs maybe required. Ensure the rows of Spreader Matting overlap a little where they meet to ensure the Top-Tray growing surface is completely covered.

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