Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil

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  • Gets you from start to finish without having to add any other fertilisers
  • Reduces the time required to tend to your crop
  • Just add water - great for beginners
  • Packed with growth stimulants to increase plant vitality
  • Comes with a healthy dose of Ecothrive's ever-popular Charge
  • Made with fully organic, natural ingredients
  • A living product that utilises the power of beneficial microbes
  • Contains all of the nutrition required for rapid, healthy growth
  • Excellent soil structure - strikes a good balance between water retention and aeration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No need to flush your plants during the final weeks
  • Don't just take our word for it, check out the blog we did with the creator, Gareth Hopcroft!

Packed with Slow-Release Nutrients - No Need to Add Any Other Fertilisers!

Eco-Life Soil is a collaboration between Ecothrive and Indoor Organics that makes feeding times a doddle - just add water! All of the nutrients that your plants will ever require are contained within the medium itself, so there's no need to spend time making up liquid feeds. And because it's fully organic, you'll end up with a clean end-product with intense flavours and aromas.


How Eco-Life Soil Works

Eco-Life Soil gives your plants nutrients in the forms that they would encounter out in the wild. It's jam-packed with ingredients that work symbiotically to maximise the impact of the beneficial micro-organisms within the soil. Beneficial microbes work to unlock the nutritional content of the other components, while improving nutrient uptake and fortifying the rootzone against potentially deadly pathogens.

Eco-Life soil makes life easier for growers by cutting down on the time it takes to tend to your plants, removing the need for separate liquid fertilisers. You won't have to worry about dosages and nutrient concentrations, or even pH levels, making it ideal for beginners. With an array of aroma-enhancing ingredients, it's also great for growers who are focussed on the quality of the end-product. Eco-Life will deliver clean, intense flavours without needing a final flush.

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1 x 45 litre bag of Eco-Life

Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil is made with...

Irish Sphagnum Peat Moss - the foundation of the substrate, giving it an excellent consistency.

Pumice - a natural volcanic rock to add aeration and improve consistency. 

Naturally Fed Worm Castings - contains large doses of slow-release NPK nutrients.

Ecothrive Charge (mealworm frass) - a hugely popular organic additive that contains a magical ingredient called chitin, which signals plants to increase their resistance to stress.

Neem Cake - rich in macronutrients, especially the secondary macronutrients Calcium and Magnesium. Also affects an array of pests and pathogens, helping to keep your crop protected.

Kelp Meal - contains natural growth hormones, like cytokinins (which drive cell division), indoles (which speed up root development), and auxins / gibberellins (which assist in nutrient mobility). Kelp meal also contains 60 trace elements.

Crustacean Meal - 100% krill that delivers essential fatty acids to feed the beneficial microbes, as well as NPK nutrients.

Volcanic Rockdust - loaded with natural silicon, which helps to strengthen stems and toughen up branches.

Gypsum - boosts beneficial microbes while chelating nutrients, converting them to forms that are easier for the plant to absorb, increasing overall nutrient uptake.

Magnesium Limestone - otherwise known as dolomite lime, it works to stabilise pH levels.

Humic and Fulvic Acids - boosts beneficial microbes while chelating nutrients, converting them to forms that are easier for the plant to absorb, increasing overall nutrient uptake.   

How to Use Eco-Life Soil

Eco-Life Soil is easier to work with than any other growing medium. All you really need to do is keep it moist. Just make sure that it doesn't stay wet for prolonged periods of time so that it becomes waterlogged. It's also very important that you select the right pot size. When using super soils, you'll need to use more media than you typically would. This is to ensure that your plants have enough nutritional content to see you through to the end of the grow. Ecothrive recommend using at least 45 litres of medium for each plant, so be sure to purchase adequately sized pots. Aim to use 180 to 225 litres of Eco-Life Soil for each 1.2m2.

You can also use the Ecothrive Life-Cycle soil amendment in a couple of ways to get the most from your plants. Top-dress 30g onto your soil around 5 weeks after potting into the final pot, this is usually around the first few weeks of flower. At the end of a full cycle, simple reinvigorate your Ecothrive Eco-Life soil by top dressing 30g-120g of soil amendment for every fifty litres of growing media. The second cycle will require more top-dresses every 3-4 weeks, or as the plant requires. Final top-dresses should be applied with 5-6 weeks before harvest. 

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