RhizoPot Fabric Pots (1-56 Litre)


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Generates Stronger, Healthier, Faster Growing Roots

RhizoPot fabric pots promote massively accelerated plant development. By providing heightened oxygenation and pruning roots at the tips, they create a dense, radially structured root system that fills up the entire container without the circling effect that you can often get in solid sided pots. It's no wonder that fabric pots are used by professional-level growers to break world records! As an added bonus, they're also much harder to over-water and they keep your grow room clean and tidy (thanks to the lack of holes on their undersides). 

How RhizoPot Fabric Pots Work

RhizoPots (sometimes known as dirt pots or smart pots) work by allowing air to pass through the tiny holes in their recycled thick fabric. The contact between the outer edges of the substrate and the outside air creates a very different environment for roots than a traditional container. As roots reach the side of the cloth pot, they get air pruned – at which point another root grows from the centre of the root mass. This creates a dense, radial root mass that eliminates issues with circling. Often, in typical pots, roots will simply circle around the inner edge of containers over and over again. This means the greatest concentration of root mass is just around the inside centimetre or two of the pot. This makes poor use of the available space and also the majority of the soil within the pot. With roots filling the soil inside the fabric pot, RhizoPots maximise the effectiveness of your growing medium. This in turn maximises the efficiency and productivity of your indoor garden. Unlike cheaper cloth pots, RhizoPots have been sourced for their quality and value for money and will last for many growing cycles. Cost wise they are virtually the same as cheaper copies. This makes RhizoPots a far better long-term investment.

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1 x RhizoPot fabric pot in your chosen size

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  • Promotes faster growth rates, for bigger and better plants
  • Air prunes roots for a dense and fibrous, radial root system
  • Eliminates root circling and improves drainage
  • Provides a much greater level of aeration compared to typical solid pots
  • Much harder to over-water than regular containers
  • Keeps your grow room much cleaner (no holes in the bottom for substrates to drop out)
  • An extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • Selected for their quality – won't tear like cheaper alternatives
  • Last for years; can be re-used many times
  • Easier to transport and store than typical containers

How To Use

How to Use RhizoPot Fabric Pots

Simply fill the RhizoPot fabric pots with your favourite soil or soilless mix and place it where it is going to be used. Transfer your plant into it and (very importantly) water slowly and thoroughly.

Remember that RhizoPots are not rigid, so once a plant is growing in one, be extra gentle and careful when moving it around to avoid disturbing or damaging the root-mass. Ideally, once a plant is in a RhizoPot, leave it where it is as much as possible.

It should be noted that fabric containers will dry out quicker than traditional solid containers, so they may need watering more often than usual, especially if temperatures are particularly high.

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