Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres

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  • Specially designed to be light and airy
  • Holds lots of moisture without water-logging
  • Offers good drainage and root-zone aeration
  • Lightly fertilised
  • Contains organic growth stimulants
  • Allows very fast growth and a healthy root system
  • Ideal for use with Plant Magic Soil feeds and boosters

A Light and Airy Mix that Promotes Rapid Root Growth!

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a customer favourite at One Stop! Growers everywhere choose Soil Supreme because it's easy to use and the quality has stayed consistently high over many years. It features a blend of sphagnum peat and fytocell foam that's enriched with organic growth stimulants. It has a lovely, fluffy consistency and is only lightly fertilised, so there's no risk of causing burning when potting up younger plants. Very highly recommended.

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How Soil Supreme Works

Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme is a soil-mix with a real difference. It contains a blend of sphagnum peat, fytocell foam and organic growth stimulants. Fytocell foam retains lots of moisture with a great aeration rate and it is 100% bio-degradable. It is immediately noticeable how light and airy this soil-mix is as soon as you begin to use it – and roots love it! Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme also contains Plant Magic's own organic growth stimulant which, apart from stimulating outstanding plant growth, also provides an excellent food source for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms. Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme is lightly fertilised which makes it ideal for young rooted cuttings/seedlings and provides enough food for the first 2-3 weeks at least.

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1 x 50 Litre bag of Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

How to Use Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme is very easy to use. Simply fill a pot with it, plant your cutting or seedling into it and water well. Wait until the soil-mix gets a little dry before watering again. Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme has enough food in it for at least 2-3 weeks fast growth so do not add food during this period. When feeding becomes necessary, Plant Magic's own soil nutrients will provide everything your plant's need, although soil-feeds by BioBizz, House & Garden, Plagron or Canna work very well, too.

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