Plagron Hydros Coco 60/40 45 litre


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Plagron Hydros Coco 60/40 - 45 Litre

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 contains a blend of Euro Pebbles (60%) and Coco Premium (40%). 60/40 is most commonly used with active hydroponic systems, like flood and drain systems and drippers. It's also great for bottom-fed systems like the Easy Feed and the Autopot. The clay pebbles maximise drainage and oxygenation, and the coco holds onto a bit more liquid, acting as a buffer and allowing you to feed slightly less often. 60/40 delivers intense root development, which leads to rapid growth in the rest of the plant, which is why it's one of our most popular types of growing media, especially amongst commercial growers.

This media teams up nicely with the Plagron Nutrients range.


  • Clay and coco blend - great balance of drainage, oxygenation and water retention
  • Works a treat in an array of systems, including the Easy Feed
  • Low mineral content and therefore low EC value (guaranteed)
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be used straight from the bag

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