Gold Label 60/40 - 45 Litres


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The Commercial Grower's Favourite Substrate – Strikes a Superb Balance Between Drainage and Water Retention

Gold Label 60/40 is the result of over 20 years of continuous product development. It offers similar benefits to running clay pebbles, delivering rapid growth rates and phenomenal drainage. The added 40% coco provides extra water retention, so that you won't need to feed quite as often, and you'll have more of a safety net should one of your pumps fail. 60/40 also allows you to get more from beneficial bacteria and fungi additives, which strengthen the root-zone and speed up plant growth. Highly recommended!

How Gold Label 60/40 Works

Gold Label contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco, bringing the best of both worlds in one ready-mixed substrate. The excellent drainage properties of clay pebbles and the airy, fibrous texture of coco come together to form an almost ideal hydroponic environment for roots to grow into.

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  • An innovative product resulting from years of research
  • Helps to get the best out of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal additives, like Charge & Biosys
  • Can be used with most grow systems
  • Retains an ideal mixture of water and air for healthy root growth
  • Great drainage – will not clump or become water-logged
  • Made from only the finest materials for reliable quality
  • Contains no nutrient - a suitable coco nutrient must be added from the first watering

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