Control Freak 3 Amp Dynamic Frequency Fan Speed Controller


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Be a Control Freak! The Next Step Up From the Hybrid Fan Speed Controller!

The Control Freak combines the best of both types of conventional fan speed controller – giving you the quietness and smooth output of a hybrid type while giving you the controllability of a standard pulse width modulation (PWM) type. Standard fan speed controllers produce a spiky waveform which usually introduces a hum in the fan motor and can even reduce the fan’s lifespan. Hybrid fan speed controllers produce a nice smooth waveform but usually only have 4 or 5 available fan speeds. The Control Freak works in a completely different way – by adjusting the frequency of a smooth waveform. It gives you 90 available fan speeds (from 10% - 100%) which you can set yourself in manual mode, or the Control Freak can be put into automatic mode and it will find the right fan speed for you. You just set the temperature that you want and the Control Freak will do the rest.

How the Control Freak 3 Amp Frequency Fan Speed Controller Works

A consistent climate makes for happy plants, the Control Freak 3A frequency fan speed controller allows you to either automatically control your fan speed based on the temperature of your grow room keeping your plants happy and your yields and quality high. A manual mode is also available if should want to set the fan speed yourself. Control freaks clever frequency based design makes the waveform of the electrical power to your fan nice and smooth and consistent, something not possible with other standard PWM fan speed controllers. The design means incredibly quiet running, a longer life for your fans and complete control over your grow environment.

The Control Freak also has a large LCD Display, making it easier to monitor.

The Control Freak 3A Frequency Fan Speed Controller can also save you masses of energy use, because reducing your speed reduces the power consumption of your fan. Many other controllers use the full power regardless of the fan speed. With 2 outlet sockets (one on each side) you can also control two fans from the same Control Freak controller (as long as the combined total current does not go over 3 amps).

Most AC inline fans run on a standrad household supply of power which has a 50Hz wave.

With these fans, there are 3 ways to speed them up or slow them down.

  • Basic Pulse Width Modulated base - These work well, but also distort the wavelength which leads to noisiness and a massive waste of electricity.
  • Voltage controllers - These use up a lot of energy and only have 4-5 speed settings available.
  • Dynamic Frequency Controller - No buzzing noise, runs smoothly, and uses less power. Perfect!

Automatic Mode: Most users will use the automatic mode of the Control Freak. Basically, automatic mode is the “temperature controlled mode”. In automatic mode, you simply set the temperature you want your grow space to be (in increments of 1 degree C or F – it’s your choice) and the Control Freak will automatically adjust the fan speed up and down for you to maintain the temperature that you have chosen. If you like, you can set a minimum fan speed and a maximum fan speed. Most users will normally leave these settings at 10% and 100% respectively as this gives the Control Freak the most freedom to adjust the fan speed to what it needs to be to maintain the temperature that you have set.

A unique feature of the Control Freak is that it allows the user to adjust something called “bandwidth”. This control has been added because in the unlikely event the frequency output of the Control Freak matches the frequency of connected equipment then a system “tremble” might occur. If this happens in manual mode, then the user can just adjust the fan speed by 1 or 2%. However, if it happens in Automatic mode then the user can adjust the bandwidth by 1 or 2 degrees.

Manual mode: In manual mode, you just choose the fan speed yourself and the Control Freak will maintain that constant fan speed for you regardless of the temperature.

Weight: 2.06kg

Supply voltage: 220-240v - 1 Ph

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  • Produces a far smoother output waveform in comparison to standard PWM fan speed controllers, both massively reducing noise and increasing the lifespan of your fan
  • One of the few controllers to be recommended for use with Isomax fans by their manufacturers, Can.
  • Complete control from 10-100% fan speed
  • Reducing your fan speed with the Control Freak saves electricity unlike many other fan speed controllers which use the same power no matter what the speed.
  • Remote temperature probe allows it to control the fan speed for you (in Automatic mode)
  • Large LCD display
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum fan speed
  • Lightweight (unlike hybrids!)
  • Plug and play design

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