G.A.S Enviro4 Controller

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Get even more control over your environment with the NEW G.A.S Enviro4 Controller

Introducing the G.A.S Enviro4 Controller, the ultimate solution for complete environmental control in your grow room. This advanced controller builds upon the features of its predecessor, the Enviro Controller V2, to provide even more precise control and enhanced functionality.

In addition to efficiently controlling your fans, the Enviro Controller V4 now offers four additional fully programmable sockets to manage other essential equipment in your grow room. With these sockets, you can effortlessly regulate heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and lights to maintain the optimal environment for your plants.

With a maximum capacity of 2,200 watts per socket, the G.A.S Enviro4 Controller empowers you to control a wide range of grow room equipment. However, it's important to note that when it comes to grow lights, please ensure not to exceed a total of 2,400 watts across all four plugs, as they may have a high start-up surge.

With the G.A.S Enviro4 Controller, you gain new features such as minimum and maximum day and night fan speed settings, providing enhanced control over your environment. It also offers the ability to calibrate temperature and humidity sensors, ensuring accurate readings for precise adjustments. The automatic dimming function on the LEDs reduces light intensity as needed, and the new green LED lights are designed not to disturb your plant's cycle.

Upgrade to the G.A.S Enviro4 Controller and experience unparalleled control over your grow room environment. Take advantage of its advanced features and enhanced functionality to optimize your grow for maximum yields and healthy plant growth. Elevate your growing experience with precision and efficiency.

How the Enviro Controller V4 Works

Controlling your fan speed can be critical to the success of your indoor garden. When cold outdoor temperatures hit, it’s handy to be able to reduce air intake flow a little, allowing your grow lights and heaters to compensate. The same can be said for hot summer months, when outside temperatures play havoc with your indoor environment. In this case, turning fans up helps to keep air temperatures optimal. The G.A.S Enviro4 Controller controls temperature and humidity levels using its thermostat and humidity sensor (which are now able to be calibrated).

Here's a quick rundown of what the exit sockets can do:

Heaters - these can be set to come on when temperatures drop below certain levels. Unlike a typical thermostatic set-up, you can select different temps for daytime and nighttime!

Humidifiers - set your humidifiers to come on whenever moisture levels drop below your chosen levels. Again, this can be set differently for daytime and nighttime.

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Dehumidifiers - works in the same way as for humidifiers, but in the opposite fashion, switching equipment on as moisture levels rise above your selected daytime or nighttime settings.

Timer - you can control any growroom equipment (as long as you don't exceed 26-amp) down to the second! So you can switch everything from your grow lights (up to 2 x 600w) to your grow system pumps.


  • Efficiently controls EC fans for optimal airflow regulation in your grow room.
  • Provides precise control and regulation of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Manages and schedules various equipment, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, lights, and more, using a built-in timer.
  • Centralizes control to simplify your grow room setup and streamline operations.
  • Allows for easy replacement of the probe for accurate temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Offers day and night settings for customized environmental control based on plant needs.
  • Features a dump feature for closed-loop environments, ensuring optimal conditions are maintained.
  • Equipped with an LCD display for easy monitoring and configuration adjustments.
  • Includes 4 programmable sockets to control multiple devices with flexibility.
  • Offers simple navigation and setup process for user-friendly operation.
  • Built-in fan balancer enables simultaneous control of outtake and intake fans for balanced ventilation.
  • For grow lights, ensure not to exceed a total of 2,400 watts (4x 600 watt lights) to prevent power overload.
  • Enhances airflow management with a dedicated fan balancer, ensuring optimal ventilation in your grow room.

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