G.A.S EC Fan Speed Controller

GAS UKSKU: 133353

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The Quick and Easy Way to Control Two EC Fans

Controlling your intake and outtake EC fans has never been easier with the EC Speed Controller from Global Air Supplies. The EC Speed Controller sets your intake and outtake fan speeds, allowing you to balance both fans to create the required level of negative air pressure.

How the GAS EC Speed Controller Works

Controlling your fan speed is critical when growing indoors throughout the year. As cold temperatures hit, it's handy to be able to reduce intake airflow a little, allowing your grow room background heating (from grow lights and heaters) to compensate. The same can be said for hot summer months, where outside temperatures can play havoc with your indoor environment. In this case, turning up the fans to maximum can help to keep air temperatures at appropriate levels. The GAS EC Fan Speed Controller from Global Air Supplies regulates two EC fans from one device by using the variable control knobs.

The EC Speed Controller plugs directly into any fans in the Systemair range that feature active cables (Systemair EC cables using white connectors). These active cables power the device, so there's no need for a separate power supply. This small but perfectly formed controller represents great value for money!


9cm x 6cm

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  • Precisely set your intake and outtake fan speeds using one plug and play device
  • Now compatible with Hyper Fan V2s, as well as Vectors
  • Control and adjust your maximum and minimum fan settings using two simple knobs
  • Balance your fans to create perfect negative pressure in your grow room
  • Plugs directly into Systemair's EC fan range (using active cables)
  • Great value for money EC Speed Controller
  • Requires no individual power supply, taking its power direct from the fans

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