UGRO - XL Organic - 70 Litre Compressed Coco Block

U-GROSKU: 5330

Sale price£14.99

The Ultimate Growing Medium for Green Enthusiasts!

UGRO Coco Block are crafted from 100% organic coconut coir, providing sustainable and eco-conscious gardening. With an extra-large size, it ensures a bountiful harvest.

It excels at water retention and optimal aeration, promoting healthy root development. This pH-neutral medium is versatile, suitable for various gardening methods.

The Coco Block is compressed for easy storage and quick expansion. Use it for both indoor and outdoor gardening. It's a sustainable choice that supports eco-friendly practices.

Experience the benefits of UGro's Organic Compressed Coco Block. Elevate your gardening game and ensure your plants thrive.


  • High quality coconut substrate made in India.
  • Coconut substrate, free of soil pathogens, odours, roots and any other impurities.
  • Washed in clean, salt-free water.
  • A plant-based product for indoor and outdoor use.

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