Tropic 70/30 Coco Mix 50 Litres


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Tropic Cocomix 70/30 - New & Improved Premium-Grade Coco Mix

The new & improved Tropic Cocomix 70/30 mix brings you a premium coco mix for an affordable price. Enhanced with 30% perlite, the this blend brings you the perfect balance of soft, aerated coco with the fantastic drainage effects of perlite, making it ideal for beginners and those growing on larger scales alike.

The addition of perlite into this new Tropic coco coir 70 30 mix helps water travel deep into all the crevices of your root zone, boosting nutrient absorption rates, whilst increasing drainage; higher oxygenation = bigger roots / better yields.

The new addition of perlite also helps you to trap in that essential moisture needed for your roots to thrive, whilst supplying extra drainage in your media. Having the correct level of drainage is essential for your plants to thrive, making this coco perlite hybrid a fantastic choice.

The Tropic 70 30 Coco is also at an EC of 0.8, giving you full control over your plant nutrition and fine tuning your feeding schedule for maximum growth.

Can be used when hand watering or dripper systems for maximum results.


  • New mix - gives an even more high-quality coco coir and perlite blend for optimal growth
  • Provides exceptional drainage while retaining moisture for healthy root development
  • RHP approved for peace of mind
  • The perfect substrate for those growing on any scale
  • Washed & buffered coco coir for easy use
  • With a pH of 5.8 & EC of 0.8
  • Produced in the Netherlands

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