Ecothrive Coco 70/30 Lite Mix - Pre-Mixed with Charge (1%) 50 Litres


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Delivers Maximum Aeration Combined with a Dose of 'Charge' for Rapid Plant Development

This Lite Mix contains the winning combination of 70% Coco, 30% perlite and 1% Charge. It works especially well when used with young plants or freshly rooted cutting due to the lighter fertilisation of the medium. Ecothrive Lite Mix grown plants are stronger, healthier and more vigorous than standard coco grown specimens, and it's also much harder to over water them.

How Ecothrive 70/30 Coco Lite Mix Works

Coco coir is an enormously popular growing medium - that's largely because it gives you so much control over plant nutrition. Coco specific nutrients are mineral based, so you can fine-tune the strength of your nutrients with pinpoint accuracy using an EC meter (which detects electrical conductivity levels). With this level of control, it becomes easier to make changes that will improve plant-health and yields. Ecothrive 70/30 Coco Lite Mix offers you these benefits whilst giving you superior aeration, thanks to the addition of 30% perlite.

Also included is a 1% mix of the extremely popular 'Charge' – a product that is both eco-friendly and all natural. Charge consists of insect frass (otherwise known as larvae excrement) and it delivers billions of beneficial microorganisms to the rootzone, boosting root health and overall plant health. It also contains a wondrous substance called chitin, which stimulates plants’ natural defence system, triggering rapid increases in development and a greater resistance to pests and diseases.

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  • Amazing aeration of your root zone
  • Pre-blended with Ecothrive charge, for a unbeatable biological boost
  • Full of beneficial bacteria, chitin and naturally occurring trichoderma 
  • Ecothrive 70/30 (coco/perlite) Lite Mix uses RHP certified, fully buffered coco
  • Pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 1% volume
  • Improves root growth and optimises nutritional uptake
  • Less prone to over watering than pure coco
  • Can be used with freshly rooted cuttings or vigorous seedlings for exponential root growth
  • Now available in a larger bag

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