Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 50L


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Plagron Cocos Perlite - Incredible Aeration and Drainage

This 70/30 mix gives you all of the benefits of Plagron Cocos Premium, but with an added 30% dose of perlite. Perlite is a porous, volcanic rock that is often used in horticulture to improve drainage, aeration, and water-holding capacity. Perlite helps to create a more open, well-draining growing medium that is less prone to compaction and waterlogging. This can be highly beneficial for plants, as it increases oxygenation rates, allows them to take up more water and nutrients, improving overall plant growth.

Mixing coconut fibre and perlite is an incredible combination - getting the best out of each substrate. The coco coir is sold pre-rinsed and buffered, and is ready to use straight out of the bag.

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 fits in with Plagron's 100% COCO growing style, so it teams up nicely with Cocos A&B base nutrients. Hydro A&B will work, but it's not recommended.

This media teams up nicely with the Plagron Nutrients range.


  • A blend of 70% high-grade coco coir and 30% perlite
  • Adds greater levels of aeration to the rootzone
  • Made with RHP certified coco, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Contains buffered coco peat and buffered coco fibres
  • Fully pH stable for maximum control over your feed (pH of 6.3 - 7.7)
  • Contains no fertilisers - EC 0.06 - 0.09
  • No need to rinse before use

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