Ecothrive Coco - Pre-Mixed with Charge (1%) 50 Litres


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Comes Pre-Charged! The Coco that Delivers Faster Growth Rates

This premium-grade, pre-buffered coco coir from the team at Ecothrive is supplied ready-mixed with the mighty 'Charge', an insect frass product that's used by world-record breaking gardeners to accelerate growth rates and increase the size of their end product. Ecothrive Charge works by delivering slow-release nutrition, boosting populations of beneficial microorganisms, and stimulating plants' natural defence systems. Try it and you won't be going back. It's that simple.

How Ecothrive Coco Works

Coco coir is an enormously popular growing medium - that's largely because it gives you so much control over plant nutrition. Coco specific nutrients are mineral based, so you can fine-tune the strength of your nutrients with pinpoint accuracy using an EC meter (which detects electrical conductivity levels). With this level of control, it becomes easier to make changes that will improve plant-health and yields. Ecothrive Coco offers you these benefits while also delivering many of the advantages of organic gardening, giving you the best of both worlds! That's due to the inclusion of a 1% mix of the extremely popular 'Charge' – a product that’s endorsed by competition winning growers of massively oversized vegetables. It consists of insect frass (otherwise known as larvae excrement) and it delivers billions of beneficial microorganisms, which boost root health and overall plant health. It also contains a wondrous substance called chitin, which stimulates plants’ natural defence system, triggering rapid increases in development and a greater resistance to pests and diseases.

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  • Speeds up vegetative growth times
  • Provides the benefits of both hydroponic and organic growing methods
  • Contains an even mix of Charge right the way through the substrate
  • Mixed in at a rate of 1% (a full litre of Charge per bag)
  • Ready to go straight out of the bag - no need for rinsing
  • Premium-grade coco that's fully buffered (certified by the RHP)
  • Delivers a mild, slow-release supply of macro and micro nutrients (which won't burn your plants!)
  • Wards off pests and helps to prevent diseases
  • Introduces 450 billion beneficial microorganisms to rootzones!

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