Plagron Cocos Brix (6 pack)


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Plagron Coco Brix - High-quality dehydrated coco bricks

Plagron Cocos Brix are the ideal choice for growers who value both quality and convenience. The coco in these bricks is treated with calcium and flushed with clean water before being dehydrated, which removes excess mineral salts, creating a clean, stable and fertiliser-free growing medium.

Once soaked, these bricks expand to make seven litres worth of high-quality coco, so a six pack gives you a total of 42 litres.

The beauty of buying your growing media in a dehydrated, block form is that it's much easier to transport and store. These blocks weigh very little, and you can move large volumes of substrate very discreetly - much more so than regular bags of growing media.

Not only are Cocos Brix of the very highest quality, they are also environmentally friendly. For best results, use Cocos Brix in conjunction with Plagron Cocos A&B and Plagron additives.


  • Just add water - each brick makes seven litres of coco
  • Made with RHP certified coco, for peace of mind
  • Fully stable pH - the ideal starting point
  • Lighter and more compact than regular bags of coco
  • Easier to store and transport than typical growing media
  • Much more discreet, especially when moving large volumes of coco
  • Contains six coco bricks (42 litres of coco)

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