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Beneficial Inoculants

In nature, there are various beneficial microbes that live on and around plant roots. The two have evolved together to form a symbiotic relationship where each one benefits the other. By inoculating your grow medium with these "good guys" your plant's roots will benefit from a rhizosphere (root-zone) that is closer to their natural habitat. And when your plant's roots thrive, it benefits the whole plant. Beneficial inoculants include Mycorrhizal fungi which act as a second set of roots and Trichoderma fungi which fight off fungal root diseases. Beneficial bacteria perform various jobs such as fix nitrogen, break down complex nutrients into a more plant-ready form, and fight off bacterial infections. Some brands of inoculant are best suited to just soil and coco while others can be used in inert mediums such as clay pebbles too and perlite too. Try one of our quality brands and find out how your plants benefit from the more natural root environment. We strongly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise with these products to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

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