Plant Success - Great White Mycorrhizae
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  • 70000 great white  28g
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Nutrient Type Beneficials

Plant Success - Great White Mycorrhizae


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Plant Success - Great White Mycorrhizae
  • Great white %28all2%29
  • Great white %28all%29
  • 70000 great white  28g
  • 70010 great white   114g
  • 70020 great white   227g
  • 70030   great white   907g


Nutrient Type Beneficials

The Connoisseur's Choice of Microbial Supplement

Great White is by far the most comprehensive mycorrhizal supplement in the 'Plant Success' range, with 7 species of ectomycorrhizal, 9 species of endomycorrhizal and 14 species of benefical bacteria. When combined, these microbials will colonise the root-zone, turning it into a super fortress that guards against troublesome pathogens, while accelerating nutrient uptake so that your plants maximise the use of every last drop of feed. This is one for the true connoisseurs! We strongly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise with this product to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

  • True connoisseur-grade microbial supplement
  • Great for use in any medium or system
  • Improves the transportation of nutrients to the plant, maximising the effectiveness of fertilisers
  • Contains 7 different species of ectomycorrhizal fungi
  • Packed with 9 species of endomycorrhizal
  • Also comes with 14 different species of beneficial bacteria
  • Turns the substrate into a defensive fortress
  • Easy to apply and fully water soluble
  • Effective at extremely low concentrations - goes a long way


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Recommended Additional Purchases

 - an instant tap water conditioner that nullifies the effects of chlorine and chloramine, maximising the impact of beneficial microbe additives.

How Great White Works:


There are two main types of beneficial fungi: endomycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal. Endomycorrhizae tend to grow alongside vegetables, shrubs, flowers and fruit trees. The 'ecto' variety, however is more adapted to growing on conifers and oak trees. Ecto (outside) varieties tend to grow in the substrate itself, whereas endo (inside) varieties actually penetrate the root cells, facilitating a greater level of nutrient uptake through a close symbiotic relationship. The combination of the two ensures that all bases are covered, regardless of your chosen plant species.

Beneficial Bacteria

The 11 different forms of beneficial bacteria contained in Orca work to create a dominant microbial ecosystem that wards off pathogenic bacteria and fungi, preventing issues like pythium, which can destroy entire crops in no time at all. If you've ever lost a harvest to pythium, you'll understand just how painful it can be. A thriving culture of microbials is one of your best defenses against it - a gift from mother nature.

How to use Great White:

Seeds: apply a light dusting of Great White to each planting hole before filling the hole and watering.

Cuttings: once you've dipped cuttings into their rooting hormone, you can then dip them in a small quantity of Great White before moving them to the their rooting plugs.

Transplanting: lightly dust the transplanting hole with Great White before re-potting cuttings and seedlings.

Soil & Coco: apply by top feeding containers once a week, using a 5ml scoop for every 25 litres of water.

Hydroponics: mix into your reservoir at a rate of 1 5ml scoop per 25 litres of nutrient solution.


Plant Success Great White Analysis:

Endomycorrhiza Fungi:
 Glomus aggregatum – 83 props per gram
 Glomus intraradices – 83 props per gram
 Glomus mosseae – 83 props per gram
 Glomus etunicatum – 83 props per gram
 Glomus clarum – 11 props per gram
 Glomus monosporum – 11 props per gram
 Paraglomus brazilianum – 11 props per gram
 Glomus deserticola – 11 props per gram
 Gigaspora margarita – 11 props per gram

Ectomycorrhiza Fungi:
 Pisolithus tinctorious – 187,875 propagules per gram
 Rhizopogon luteolus – 5,219 props per gram
 Rhizopogon fulvigleba – 5,219 props per gram
 Rhizopogon villosullus – 5,219 props per gram
 Rhizopogon amylopogon – 5,219 props per gram
 Scleroderma citrinum – 5,219 props per gram
 Scleroderma cepa – 5,219 props per gram

 Azotobacter chroococcum – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus subtilis – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus licheniformis – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus azotoformans – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus megaterium – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus coagulans – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus pumilus – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus thuringiensis – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Paenibacillus durum – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Paenibacillus polymyxa – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Saccharomyces cerevisiae – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Pseudomonas aureofaciens – 525,000 CFU’s per gram
 Pseudomonas fluorescens – 525,000 CFU’s per gram

Trichoderma Fungi:
 Trichoderma koningii-187,875 CFU’s per gram
 Trichoderma harzianum-125,250 CFU’s per gram

Other Ingredients:
 Vitamin package