Ecothrive Neutralise - Water Conditioner
  • Neutralise group shot
  • 400180 neutralise 50ml
  • 400190 neutralise 250ml

Ecothrive Neutralise - Water Conditioner


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Ecothrive Neutralise - Water Conditioner
  • Neutralise group shot
  • 400180 neutralise 50ml
  • 400190 neutralise 250ml

Prime Your Water for Organic Gardening and Unlock the Full Potential of Beneficial Microbe Additives

Conditioning your water with Ecothrive's Neutralise will maximise the potency of beneficial microbe additives. Tap water contains compounds that destroy microorganisms, which is great for preventing the spread of diseases, but not so great for your plants... Neutralise solves this issue instantly – just add a drop's worth for each litre of feed and you will ensure that the effects of chlorine and chloramine are completely nullified. If you want to learn why it's so important to remove these chemicals from your water, checkout our blog post here.

  • Tackles the chlorine and chloramine in tap water, optimising it for organic gardening
  • Allows microbe populations to flourish, maximising the effectiveness of beneficial boosters 
  • Works instantly – no need to leave water standing overnight
  • Promotes increases in quality, growth rates and resistance to pests and diseases
  • A natural solution – non-toxic and organically derived
  • Extremely concentrated formula – 250ml will treat 5000 litres!
  • Incredibly safe to use – compatible with any nutrient range or growing method


1 x bottle of Ecothrive Neutralise. Choose between 50ml and 250ml bottles

How Neutralise Works

Beneficial additives, like Mammoth P, Mykos and Biosys, fortify rootzones with colonies of fungi and bacteria that work to speed up growth rates and ward off pathogens, while improving the quality and size of your crop. If you're using them with tap water, however, you may not be getting the very best from them. Chlorine and chloramine help to control the spread of diseases and parasites, but, unfortunately these substances don't discriminate between positive and negative microorganisms, having an equally devastating effect on beneficial populations.

Water filters solve the problem – a solution that we highly recommend. However, they're not always practical for every grower. Leaving your water to stand overnight allows chlorine to evaporate from the solution, which will help to some degree. Unfortunately, this technique is completely ineffective against chloramine... Ecothrive's Neutralise solves all of these issues by tackling both chlorine and chloramine quickly and easily. Adding a single drop's worth for each litre of nutrient solution will prime regular tap water for organic growing, allowing you to get the very best from your base nutrient and additives.

How to Use Ecothrive Neutralise

Neutralise is very easy to use –  just add a drop for every litre of water and stir vigorously. Do this before adding in your boosters or base nutrients, and before adjusting the pH. One drop is equal to 1/20th of a ml. If you're treating large volumes of nutrient solution, you'll need to use 1ml for every 20 litres of solution.

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