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Push Growth Rates the Natural Way

This kit contains three popular Ecothrive products that work together symbiotically to toughen plants, fortify root-zones and accelerate growth, getting the very best out of your next soil or coco grow.

How Ecothrive Kits Work

Ecothrive kits contain three components that work together to push plant growth to the next level:


Charge is a natural product that's produced from the castings of mealworms. It's packed with slow-release macronutrients (NPK 3:2:3) that accelerate growth and improve overall plant vigour, as well as a magical ingredient called chitin. Chitin is commonly found in the cell walls of insects, and it triggers a kind of 'fight or flight' style response from plants that stimulates their natural defence systems, causing them to pile on weight. Charge is also jam-packed with beneficial bacteria (450 million per gram) and several micronutrients. The effects are staggering, which is why it has gained a huge following among competition winning horticultural experts and enthusiasts.


Neutralise brings the best out of ANY beneficial microbe product. It works by neutralising the chlorine and chloramine commonly found in tap water. These chemicals are great for stopping the spread of diseases, but they also have a negative impact on beneficial bacteria and fungi. Add a drop of Neutralise for each litre of nutrient solution and you'll solve this problem instantly.


Biosys delivers super-concentrated doses of beneficial microorganisms, offering the same benefits as compost tea in an instant. To maximise the results, Ecothrive have also added enzymes, amino acids, proteins, humic acids, carbohydrates, yeasts and seaweed extract to further stimulate growth.



Trial Kit: Charge 1 litre, Biosys 50g, Neutralise 50ml

4-8 Plant Kit: Charge 5 litre, Biosys 250g, Neutralise 250ml


  • Treats water to remove chlorine and chloramine
  • Provides a source of slow release nutrition that speeds up growth rates
  • Fortifies the rootzone with billions of beneficial microbes
  • Makes plants more resistant to pathogenic microbes
  • Great for use in soil or coco

How To Use

How to Use Ecothrive Kits

You can find out more about using Biosys, Charge and Neutralise by checking out their individual listings.

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