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Size: 12 Cell Tray
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Plug Life Propagation Plugs - The Perfect Solution For Young Plants

Plug Life Propagation Plugs bring you a fast and robust rooting plug which provides an extremely easy, versatile and sustainable way to promote growth in your cuttings and tissue cultures. Whether you're starting from cutting or seed, Plug life Propagation Plugs and Plug Life Trays provide essential NPK nutrients during the first three weeks of growth, allowing your plants to have the happiest and healthiest start.

Plug Life Propagation Trays are made with 100% cocopeat and are extremely environmentally friendly, giving you robust rooting, stable pH performance without the use of harmful chemicals or substrates, making growing seeds and cuttings even easier. Plug Life Propagation Trays also provide natural coconut trichodermas to your young seedlings and cuttings. 

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Your choice of tray size below:

12 Cell Tray

24 Cell Tray

104 Cell Tray


  • 100% Natural Cocopeat plugs
  • Great for seeds, cuttings & tissue cultures
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly plugs
  • Provides natural coconut trichodermas to increase young plant growth
  • Available in three sizes - 12, 24 or 104 size trays!

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