Cultiwool Cubes


Size: 4" Small Hole
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High-Grade Hydroponic Grow Media

Choose from a large selection of different media types:

Cultiwool Rooting Plugs

Ideal for taking cuttings or for germinating seeds. Choose between small and large versions. One quick tip: you can get more cuttings taken in the same space with the small versions, but the trade-off here is that they can dry out quicker, so be sure to keep a close eye on them. Once they're rooted, you can transfer them to a 3-inch or 4-inch rooting cube (see below).

Cultiwool Cubes

3-inch and 4-inch versions are available, with a choice of small and large holes (to suit small or large rooting plugs). There's also a 6-inch version with large hole, which is sometimes refered to as a 'Hugo Block'.

Mapito 80 Litre Bag

These bags allow you to fill your containers or net pots with Cultiwool, using it in the same way that you might use clay pebbles or coco.

Cultiwool Slabs

These slabs are typically used in specialist hydroponic grow systems, namely NFTs. Choose between 1000mm x 150mm x 75mm or 1330mm x 150mm x 75mm versions.


Choose from the following options:

Rooting Plugs

Small (25mm)

Large (35mm)

Cultiwool Cubes

3-Inch Small (25mm) Hole

3-Inch Large (35mm) Hole

4-Inch Small (25mm) Hole

4-Inch Large (35mm) Hole

6-Inch Large (35mm) Hole


80 litre bag

Cultiwool Slabs

1000mm x 150mm x 75mm

1330mm x 150mm x 75mm



  • An excellent hydroponic propagation medium
  • Available in plugs, blocks, slabs and Mapito
  • Commonly used in the professional horticultural industry
  • Totally inert - allowing you to tailor nutrients to your exact requirements

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