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Variant: Eazy Plug Bag (Large) x 50
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Multi-Stage, Coco-Based Veg Media - Delivers Rapid Growth!

Eazy Plugs will take you from seed (or cutting) to the early vegetative stages without needing to pot up - just transplant the rooting plugs to the 3-inch Eazy Block instead! They're easy to use, organic and environmentally friendly, and they deliver excellent strike rates and rapid root development. Highly recommended!

How the Eazy Plug Range Works

Eazy Plugs offer the versatility and ease-of-use of Rockwool cubes, but in an organic form, utilising pressed coco and an organic bonding agent. By using large Eazy Plugs to take cuttings or germinate seeds, you can get plants to a reasonable size without having to pot them up. That's because they fit perfectly inside the 3-Inch Eazy Block. Once you start to see some decent roots, transplant the plug into the block and you can take your plants to the next level.

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  • Incredible rooting times for cuttings and seedlings - very fast turnaround
  • Move straight from large Eazy Plugs to the 3-Inch Easy Block - no need to re-pot!
  • Made from coco and an organic bonding agent - environmentally friendly
  • Can be transplanted into any almost any medium
  • Very high water-holding capacity
  • Utilises an air-pruning effect that promotes dense, tightly packed root systems

How To Use

For more information on taking cuttings, check out the guide on the One Stop Blog.

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