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Size: 1m Slab
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Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs for Uniform Growing

Do you have plants with a large rootzone and want a fast and uniform development between specimens? Then Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs are for you!

They provide a fantastic and reliable irrigation system that helps your plants develop a really solid root structure to give uniform growth and massive yields.

Awesome Water Retention

Cultiwool’s unique rockwool formula promotes a high percentage water retention for your rootzone. Which means that you have no fears that your plant’s will dry out.

Easy Irrigation System

Cultiwool has a unique formula that allows water to pool at the bottom of the slab whilst retaining a saturation level between 55 and 75%, if the water level gets too high the slab is formulated to release water to bring it back to the desired level. Similarly if there is too little water the system design allows you to easily re-soak the slab to improve saturation levels.

Fast and Uniform Crop Development

Using the X-Fibre slab gives you a fast and uniform crop development, particularly for plants with a larger rootzone.

Be in total control of your crop development, by using Cultiwool X-Fibre Slabs you can create a perfect growing environment for promoting uniform growth.

Sustainable Water and Nutrient Usage

The next generation irrigation system gives you optimal conditions in the rootzone saving water and nutrients. Which means that you can reduce your carbon footprint and work toward sustainable production.


1.0m slab (1000mm x 150mm x 75mm) or 1.3m slab (1330mm x 150mm x 75mm)


  • Brilliant for transplant of growing cubes
  • The growing substrate offers excellent saturation and re-saturation
  • Positive effect on EC levels
  • Excellent air-to-water ratio for rich root growth
  • High-performance product
  • Great for eco-friendly growers
  • Reliable, durable and resistant

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