Cultiwool - Mapito 80 Litre Bag


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Cultiwool Mapito 80 Litre Bag

Are you looking for a well aerated growing substrate with great saturation? Then look no further than Cultiwool Mapito. With the unique Cultilene rockwool formulation Mapito provides you with controlled levels of saturation and good aeration for a strong and well cared for rootzone.

Rockwool Growing Substrate

Popular and cost-effective, this rockwool growing substrate can be used as an alternative for coco fibres or clay pebbles in your hydroponic growing setup. Cultiwool’s Mapito is a fantastic fibrous solution for any grow room.

Great for Water Nutrient Retention

One of the most useful features of this rockwool growing medium is its great water and nutrient retention rate. This means that you will see less water and nutrient wastage as the substrate holds onto exactly what your roots need creating a really strong structure for your plants to flourish.

Strong Roots

Get the strong rootzone you need and deserve with this awesome growing substrate. Owing to its unique formulation your roots stay well aerated and full of nutrients making sure the heart of your setup is beating with purpose!


1 x 80 Litre Bag of Cultiwool Mapito


  • The growing substrate offers excellent saturation and re-saturation;
  • Positive effect on EC levels;
  • Excellent air-to-water ratio for rich root growth;
  • High-performance product;
  • Reliable, durable and resistant.

How To Use

Fill your containers or net pots with Cultiwool. It works very much in the same way as coco or clay pebbles and watch as your plants will benefit before your very eyes.

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