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Boost your cuttings' strike rate

Add Shogun Start to your routine and you'll lay the foundations for bigger and better crops. The team at Aqualabs have put years of research and development into creating a formula that gives plants everything they need to flourish during their most vulnerable stages

How Shogun Start Works

Shogun Start provides everything that cuttings and seedlings require for intense growth and development, and the rapid establishment of roots. It has a much better balance of nutrients than you could get by using regular feed at lower concentrations (EC levels). When you reduce the EC levels of regular feed too much, you also overly reduce the levels of minerals like calcium. Shogun Start was formulated specifically for the job, boasting optimal levels of the minerals that your plants need to perform at their best.

We were involved in the testing of Start, back when it was still in the development phase. We can say with absolute confidence that it performs exactly as you'd expect from a nutrient company with the credentials of Shogun.



1 x bottle of Shogun Start. Use the dropdown menu to select your size


  • Delivers massively improved strike rates for cuttings and seedlings
  • Decreases turnaround times, making your garden more productive
  • Promotes rapid development during the first two weeks of vegetative growth
  • Nourishes plants with an array of trace elements and a light dose of NPKs
  • Available in 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes
  • Compatible with any type of growing media or system
  • Particularly effective with aeroponic propagators, for even quicker rooting
  • Incredibly cost-effective - used for a brief period, so a little goes a long way
  • Works synergistically with Katana Roots

How To Use

How to Use Shogun Start

Taking Cuttings

Mix up some Shogun Start at a rate of 3ml - 4ml per litre of water and use it to soak your propagation media.


Spray cuttings with Shogun Start to nourish them during their most vulnerable stages. Use at a rate of 3ml - 4ml per litre.

First Two Weeks of Veg

Once your cuttings have rooted you can then increase the dosage to 4ml - 8ml for every litre of water. Don't forget that Shogun Start pairs up brilliantly with Katana Roots.

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