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A True Cutting Edge Root Booster

After years of testing and development, the next generation of root boosters is finally here! This is the one everybody's been talking about and we have little doubt that Katana Roots will establish itself at the forefront of all root products. Successful growers understand that healthy roots are the key to healthy plants and huge crops. Katana Roots works by boosting overall root development and helping to protect the rhizosphere from diseases like pythium. This ensures that nutrients are delivered to the plant as efficiently as possible, for healthy and robust plants.

How Katana Roots Works

Katana Roots performs three main roles that will ensure that your indoor garden functions as productively as possible. Firstly, it acts as a root stimulator encouraging the growth of new roots, which greatly improves success rates for your cuttings and seedlings. It also works to improve overall root health, which ensures that nutrients are uptaken by the plant as efficiently and effectively as possible. The combined effect of this is a greater resistance to the pathogenic bacteria and fungi responsible for root diseases like pythium. Pythium can turn healthy root systems into a brown, sludge-like mess in no time at all. Using a root health product like Katana is a sensible move for any grower and will pay dividends in any medium, but it's particularly important for those running hydroponic systems, which can be more vulnerable to pathogens, especially if nutrient temps creep above the recommended limit of 21 degrees celcsius.



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  • Truly staggering, explosive root growth - the king of root boosters
  • Works synergistically with Shogun Start during the first two weeks of veg
  • Fully effective in any growing medium - coco, soil or hydroponic
  • Speeds up turnaround times for the vegetative stages
  • Promotes vibrant root health for massively increased nutrient uptake
  • Helps to control root diseases like pythium - ideal for summertime
  • Assists plants in maximising yields, for a more productive indoor garden
  • Can be used with any base nutrients
  • Highly concentrated formula - used @ only 0.2ml per litre!
  • Makes up to 1250 litres of nutrient solution! And for only £11.95!! Wow!
  • Used at higher doses on cuttings and seedlings to stimulate root growth, improving success rates
  • Available in 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes

How To Use

How to use Katana Roots

For speeding up turnaround times for cuttings and seedlings, and improving success rates, soak your rooting plugs in a solution of water and Katana Roots. Use at a ratio of 5.0ml Katana Roots per litre of water and soak plugs for 15 minutes to ensure even saturation. Squeeze off some of the excess to prevent the plugs from becoming waterlogged.

You should add Katana Roots alongside your base nutrient at a rate of 0.2ml per litre of nutrient solution. Run it throughout the veg stages and for the first three weeks of the flowering stages.

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