4 inch (100mm x 100mm) Coco Jiffy Cube - 1.5 inch Hole


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4 inch (100mm x 100mm) Coco Jiffy Cube - 1.5 inch Hole

Once your cutting or seedling is properly rooted into its rooting plug, you’re going to need to transfer it into something larger to allow continued growth through the early vegetative stages - that way you’ll have a good head-start when it’s time to pot up into larger containers. This 4 inch Jiffy Cube is made from dehydrated, compressed coco coir and comes with a 1.5 inch hole at the top, providing you with a quick and easy way to increase the rooting area of a cutting/seedling and facilitate further development. 

How the 4 inch Coco Jiffy Cube Works

4 inch Coco Jiffy Cubes are manufactured from dried and compressed coco coir - an environmentally friendly by-product of the coconut growing industry. These fibres provide an excellent balance between water retention and aeration, promoting the growth of vibrant, healthy root systems. Because they’re supplied fully dehydrated, Jiffy Cubes can be safely stored for long periods of time before use and conveniently transported. When soaked in water (pH adjusted to between 5.8 and 6.2), they swell from their original size of 100mm x 100mm x 15mm to around 100mm x 100mm x 60mm. A thin fabric wrapping ensures that the plugs will not fall apart, while roots are able to penetrate it easily. This layer helps to protect side areas while maximising oxygenation levels within the substrate.

A suitably sized rooting plug or cube can be transplanted to the 4 inch Coco Jiffy Cube quickly and easily, thanks to the pre-made (1.5 inch / 40mm) hole in the fabric outer and the top layer of substrate. Plants can then continue their development through the early vegetative stages, giving you a head-start when you come to pot-up later on.

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  • Made with dehydrated and compressed coconut fibre
  • Convenient transportation and storage
  • Just soak and swell in water for an hour or so before use
  • 1.5 inch (40mm) hole for inserting rooting plug
  • Wrapped in thin fabric and will not fall apart
  • Provides lots of aeration for explosive root development
  • Triggers explosive root development
  • Very easy to use

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