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Jiffy 7 Soil Plugs

Jiffy 7s are very effective and economical rooting-plugs. Just soak and swell for an hour before use.

How Jiffy 7 Soil Plugs Work

Jiffy 7 Soil Plugs are a rooting-plug made from dried and compresses peat. The peat is lightly fertilised, sterile, pH-adjusted and fabric-wrapped before being compressed and dried. They can be safely stored for a long period before use. When water is added to the Jiffy 7 plugs, they swell to 3-4 times their original size and contain a ready-made hole for putting your cutting or seeds in to. The plugs are sterile to help keep diseases away and the lightly-fertilised, pH-adjusted plugs provide the ideal rooting environment. A thin fabric wrapping ensures that the plugs will not fall apart but roots are able to penetrate it easily.

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Jiffy 7 Rooting-Plug (choose between 50 and 1000 units)


  • Jiffy 7 Soil Plug – a very effective type of rooting-plug
  • Sold dried and compressed for easy storage
  • Just soak and swell in water for an hour or so before use.
  • Each plug is individually wrapped in thin fabric and will not fall apart
  • Made with lightly fertilised, sterile and pH-adjusted peat soil

How To Use

Comprehensive instructions about how to take cuttings can be found in various places on the internet. Here is a short guide: Place a tray of your pre-soaked Jiffy 7 Soil rooting-plugs into the bottom tray of a propagator. Choose healthy shoots with thick stems from which to take your cuttings and make the last cut with a sterile scalpel. Dip the cut end into a rooting gel such as Clonex and then place the end of the cutting into one of the rooting plugs. When you have finished taking your cuttings, put the lid on your propagator and move to a mild environment under your propagation light. Keep the rooting plugs moist and mist your cuttings 2-3 times a day. After a few days, gradually open up the ventilation slots on the lid of your propagator to reduce humidity. When your cuttings have rooted through the plugs, they can then be placed in a large rockwool cube, soil or a hydroponics system to grow.

Jiffy 7 Soil Plugs can also be used to germinate seeds. Simply drop a seed into the hole in a pre-soaked Jiffy 7 Soil Plug and close the top by pinching the sides. As soon as the tap-root appears, simply transplant it into the grow-medium of your choice.

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