Cutting Taking Essentials - Rooting Plugs, Clonex and Scalpel

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Variant: Root-!t Plugs - Tray of 24
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Save Money on the Essentials you Need for Taking Cuttings

By taking cuttings, you can create new generations of plants without having to start from seed, allowing you to preserve genetics and save huge amounts of time. If you've already got a propagator and a suitable lighting system, then these bundles provide you with the essentials you need to prep your next set of plants.

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Once your cuttings are starting to root, you can speed things up further with a root booster like Roots Excelurator, Katana Roots or Root Juice.

If you're planning on growing organically, then check out Biosys - a great beneficial microbe additive.

How the Cuttings Essentials Bundle Works

The basic concept to taking cuttings is actually quite straight forward: you're simply removing small sections of a plant and placing them in an environment where they can sprout roots of their own. The devil is in the detail, though, and that's why it pays to use the right equipment:

Rooting plugs provide an optimal environment for root development, offering the right balance between water retention (ensuring that your cuttings don't dry out) and aeration. Soak your rooting plugs before use, but squeeze out any excess moisture before transplanting your cuttings.

Clonex rooting gel stimulates the growth of new roots from your freshly taken cutting, accelerating the whole process and improving your success rates. It contains a special rooting hormone, anti-fungal agents to protect plants when they're at their most vulnerable, and an array of nutrients and trace elements to provide a source of nutrition.

Using a scalpel ensures that you create a clean, surgical cut that causes as little damage to surrounding areas as possible, reducing stress to both the cutting and the mother plant. They're also completely sterile, which reduces the chances of spreading infections.

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Tray of 24 Root-!t Plugs, 50ml Clonex and scalpel

Tray of 77 Eazy Plugs (Large), 50ml Clonex and scalpel

Tray of 150 Eazy Plugs (Small), 50ml Clonex and 2 x scalpels

Tray of 36 Jiffy 7 Plugs, 50ml Clonex and scalpel

Tray of 150 1/2 Inch Rockwool Plugs, 50ml Clonex and 2 x scalpels

Tray of 77 1 Inch Rockwool Plugs, 50ml Clonex and scalpel


  • Money saving bundles used to prep your next generation of plants
  • Quicker than starting from seed
  • Delivers a consistent garden with uniform genetics
  • Provides all of the consumables required to take cuttings
  • Delivers excellent cutting success rates

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